2 months old!

Today is Collen's 2 month birthday :) He woke up happy this morning, and I made sure I wished him a happy 2 month birthday. Every day with him is worth celebrating, but we do make a big deal out of the monthly milestones. As the 3 and 4 month milestones approach, I am becoming more and more anxious and somewhat afraid. 4 months was all we had with Ayden. I don't know life with a baby past that mark, so life with a baby past 4 months isn't real to me....yet. Once he reaches that point (and I pray every day that he will make it there and beyond!), things will be brand new...and life will seem a bit surreal.

Check out how much Collen has grown in a month! He's really filling out and getting quite chunky. His 2 month appointment is Monday. I plan to update his stats that day for you guys. He's a sweet, sweet baby, and we love him more and more every day. He makes our lives so happy.



  1. Happy 2 months!

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  2. I wish I could pinch those little chubby checks. He is adorable

  3. I can't thank you enough for sharing Collen with us....he is so adorable and seeing his photos is pure joy. Collen is a blessing in my life too. Happy 2 month Birthday sweet Collen.

  4. I am obsessed with this blog! I check it every day! Lindsay, he is breathtaking. Happy 2 months to everyone!!! Ya'll are always in my prayers!!! Thank you so much for sharing Collen, Ayden, and your life with us! :)

  5. It's amazing how much they change in so short a time!

  6. Getting more adorable every day!!!!