Bath time is fun for everyone :)

What is it about naked babies that is just too cute?

Perhaps it is their sweet, soft baby bellies or those pudgy little rolls.

Or maybe it's those dimply little cheeks...

The smell of baby soap and baby lotion is the sweetest smell in the world.

And nothing beats those sweet baby sighs as they relax and enjoy bath time.

Collen is beginning to enjoy bath time, and that makes it so much fun for all of us. He has discovered that he can kick around in the water, and of course I had to capture it for all of you to see!



  1. So cute and I love the well placed turtle :)

  2. I love the turtle guard... very discreet! And thanks for your post about the apnea monitor. Very informative. My son is 22 months and sleeps in bed with me, so keeping Collen in your room for a year (or two) seems pretty darn normal to me! He is just growing more and more gorgeous every day.

  3. Collen is such a sweet looking baby it makes me want to blow bubbles on his tummy! xx