October 15th

A year ago today, Jeremy and I were standing on stage in my school's auditorium. One of my students had organized a candle-lighting ceremony in honor of Ayden and the many other (too many) babies who were taken too soon.

You can read my post from a year ago here

T-shirts were made...

Butterflies were created and sold as fundraiser for First Candle. I now have all of these butterflies in a scrapbook, made by the student who organized the candlelight vigil. I will forever cherish these butterflies because they were made with such love and care for us.

And candles were lit in the courtyard outside of the school.

Today is a national day of rememberance. Tonight, at 7pm, light a candle in memory of our babies who were taken too soon. Whether by miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, genetic disorder....our babies deserve to be remembered. Please join us in lighting a candle and saying a prayer or just remembering the babies in your lives who have gone before us.

We love you, Ayden. We miss you every second of every day. You are forever in our hearts, and one day, you will be back in our arms again. We long for that day with such intensity! Thank you for blessing our lives like we could have never imagined!

Oh, how I miss that sweet face looking back at me....



  1. I'll be remembering with you ♥

  2. There will be a candle lit at our house tonight! Love you all!!

  3. Thinking of you and all the other familys who lost their sweet babies to soon. I love that picture of Ayden!

  4. thinking of your sweet ayden and sending you much love xxx

  5. remembering your sweet little guy today.