Update on Sinatra

Thank you all for your suggestions and concern for our kitty, Mr. Sinatra.

He seems much better today. I watched him very closely yesterday, but as most cats do....he slept most of the day. However, when he was up walking around, I made sure I observed him. He seemed much more steady on his feet, and he even wanted to go outside, so I watched him walk down the steps with only a slight sense of hesitation.

He has been chasing Tucker around this morning, and he went outside to roll around on the back patio. His head doesn't seem AS tilted, but it's still a little tilted. I wish I had a picture for you, but he's elusive when it comes to the camera.

I cleaned out his ears, and hopefully that helped. But really...wrestling with a 16 pound cat is not the easiest of tasks, so I do the best I can to keep him groomed and keep his ears clean. At one point, I was literally sitting on top of him to keep him in place.

Hopefully, things are getting better. Thanks again for checking in ;)


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