And again, to the doctor we go...

Monday - Doctor's visit: albuterol breathing treatments prescribed. Temp of 99ish, so no meds. Congested, stuffy, coughing, lethargic but still playful...all in all...not SO bad.

Tuesday - to the doctor again because of vomiting, temp of 100.7, and reluctance to eat. Told to continue breathing treatments every four-six hours, keep suctioning nose, meds, but Tylenol okay.

Wednesday - 6am - fever of 101.4 after giving Tylenol two hours earlier. Off we go to the doctor again. Yellow discharge from nose, still congested (this is day 5 of all of this mind you...), coughing, lethargic, so, so sad...just needs Mommy to hold him and snuggle him, diarhea is back. Doctor prescribed Amoxicillin because his left ear is looking a little red...may be beginnings of an ear infection. Mom agrees we should be proactive and try to knock this thing out....

(Met a blog reader and her little boy while at the doctor's office. Always a nice surprise!)


The past 5 days have been crazy around here. I recruited my mom to come help me yesterday because the house was quickly becoming a disaster zone. I don't mind putting everything aside to make sure Collen is okay, BUT I'm not going to have a healthy baby with a filthy house. So, my mom came, and I was able to do some much needed cleaning (and she did far more cleaning than she should have as well....).

Collen is trying so hard to be a happy boy, but he just feels miserable. It breaks my heart. Luckily, he's sleeping well at night. The past couple of nights, he's only gotten up once in the night, but by 6am, if he hasn't had any Tylenol (when the fever was come and go), he's awake and just so sad. So, that's when I hold him as he sleeps and just pray for him to get better.

Our big obstacle is that he HATES anything to go into his mouth other than breastmilk. Berry flavors...grape flavors...and come on, who doesn't LOVE "the pink medicine" (as I used to call it as a child....I got sick a lot)! None of it fools him. Unfortunately, he now has THREE oral "meds" a day - his Vitamin D supplement (which he is getting much better about...he tolerates this one best), Tylenol (grape flavored), and now his antibiotic - Amoxicillin (yummmm). When we got home from the doctor's office, he had a temp of 101.3, so I gave him some more Tylenol as he screamed and pulled away ( :( it makes me so sad...), and then I figured...well...might as well get the antibiotic in there. Well, that didn't go so well. He ended up vomiting it all back up. And I looked on helplessly wishing I could just make it all better. I did manage to get a breathing treatment in while he napped in the swing. He has to be upright for it anyway, and he can't sleep flat on his back, so that was a win-win.

Hopefully, we will be on the road to recovery SOON. We have a wedding in the family this Saturday, and I have a feeling Collen and I will have to sit it out. Hints have been dropped about me leaving him with a certain grandma so I can go to the wedding, but I still have to be able to "feed" him, and I'm not quite sure how I'd work out a pumping session while attending a wedding. Plus, when I was sick...I only ever wanted one of my with this being his first big illness, I think I need to be with him. I'm so bummed about missing the wedding, but I can't take any chances. After his antibiotic is finished up and he's well, we'll be back on the go.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers. He's being a trooper (and so am I).



  1. Poor baby. And Mommy! Don't know if this well help but some pharmacies are able to flavor medicines... maybe he'd like a different flavor? Wonder if they have breastmilk flavor... LOL! Sorry- hehehe! Just trying to lighten your load! Hope everything gets better for your family!!!

  2. Poor little guy!! I hope he gets better fast..Breaks your heart when they are sick and you can't make them better. =( Good Luck, Mama.

  3. It's such a bummer when they're sick and can't tell you exactly what hurts. I pray he'll be out of this nastiness soon and pray he gains strength from fighting the sickness. Kids are tough, but they need their mommy! I would totally have to sit out of the wedding also. Do what your mama heart tells you!

  4. poor little guy. ((hugs)) for you both. wishing him a speedy recovery. ♥

  5. quick suggestion about getting him to take the meds. When E was in the hospital for all of his troubles, I was breastfeeding and he wasn't very much into meds either. Nurses there showed me a trick where I waited till it was feeding time for him, then took the nipple of a bottle, put the medicine in it, and put the nipple in his mouth. He willingly took the nipple with the meds in it. Mostly cause it was feeding time anyway, and he was ready to suck. Might be worth a try for Collen?