Yet another machine to hook my child up to...

I took Collen to the doctor today. Doctor said he has a really bad cold, but he has prescribed breathing treatments for the wheezing. So, we have to hook him up to a machine for that and have him breathe in the medicine. We did one treatment at the pediatrician's office...yeah, Collen didn't enjoy it so much. I don't blame him....

I know his throat is hurting him by the way his cough sounds. I hate that I can't do anything for him. We have the vaporizer running, the motrin ready to go since he continues to run a low fever, lots of snuggles ready to give out, and the saline drops have become a staple. Hopefully he kicks this thing really quickly! Please say a prayer for him...and thanks so much for the comments and for checking in.



  1. Have you tried a saline mist instead of the spray? It is a little easier to use. Also, with Drew, we had to use a nebulizer, and have an inhaler with spacer to keep at home. (He's 18mos). No, they don't like it, but it really helps with the wheezing. Poor little fella! Hang in there, mama. You should seen an improvement within the next day or two.

  2. But machines are helpful. A headache maybe but not a heartache.

  3. sending up prayers for Collen...

  4. I am so sorry Collen is not feeling well. I will be praying he gets well soon! Both my kids have had to take breathing treatments and they are no fun. Try doing them once Collen is asleep. I would let him fall asleep and then do a treatment while he is sleeping, that worked well for both of mine! Good luck!

  5. sounds like you're using a nebulizer. i used to have one for seasonal asthma.

    the breathing issues are probably giving you some anxiety given your history - i am praying for PEACE for you & your husband, and HEALING for little Collen! you are in my prayers daily... God's got one of your boys in His arms physically, and the other is in His sight while he rests in your arms here. and the rest of us, your friends even if we haven't met, have your family covered in prayer.

    please keep us posted so we can pray for specifics.

    2 weeks ago, i had my 3rd brain surgery in 24 months, and as hard as it was for me to go through, it may have been even HARDER for my Mom to watch it! she couldn't relieve my pain, and she had to trust the Neurosurgeon to go into the center of my brain - yet again - and return me to her alive & unharmed, not only breathing but the real me still alive, which was by no means a given.

    i had complications MUCH WORSE than the first two surgeries. the first surgery, i was breathing alright but simply wouldn't wake up that whole day of my surgery, i was unconscious.

    second surgery, they found out that something had happened to my brain that my Neurosurgeon has NEVER seen in a LIVING person - it's ALWAYS found in an autopsy when it's too late!

    and this third surgery, i was unable to breathe unassisted for nearly a week. there was NO REASON WHATSOEVER that this should've been the case - after surgery, i should've been taken to the PACU (recovery) with nothing more than an iv & pain pump hooked up to me. but for nearly a week, i couldn't breathe on my own. the surgery was on my brain, so nobody understood this...

    ...and my Mom watched the monitors & alarms go off with NOTHING to do but watch, beg the doctors to help, and PRAY!!!!!!

    all that to say, i know what it's like to see a mother be unable to help her child. my Mom says it's a worse feeling than just about anything, and i believe her because i saw the effects through each surgery & recovery, ESPECIALLY this last time.

    so while of course my prayers are for Collen, i'll be praying some extra special ones for you. :-) ;-)

    much love & plenty of prayers,

  6. I dont blame the lil guy for not liking it but most likley it is the noise of the machine. Those things are loud. My girls have been on those machines since they were only a few weeks old. Asthma. Now they do it themselves. My thoughts are with you. he is in great hands i am sure.

  7. Our son was born early and had under developed lungs. We had to do breathing treatments with him, one thing that worked for me was doing it while he worked because we were never really quite while he was sleeping, always had a sound machine in his room for 'white noise' so the noise didn't bother him at all, and he got the meds with no fuss! Maybe that will help!

  8. My daughter (6mths) is having the same thing. Since the day after Xmas she has had a terribel cough. She has lost her voice and it is sad to hear her little cry. We are doing baby Vicks on her chest,back and neck. I bought some baby vitamin drops from CVS. I figure the extra vitamin C will help her immune system. I too am taking vitamin c so she is getting it through my breast milk as well. We are using saline nose drops and have the humidifier going non stop. Hope you little one feels better soon. (((HUGS)))

  9. Poor little guy! Healing thoughts your way!

  10. Prayers that Collen feels better very soon. It's certainly no fun with a sick baby and very taxing on mom and dad as well. Hope the "sickies" leave quickly!

  11. I know it is tough to do those treatments especially when they are fighting you the whole time. My son has been using a nebulizer for about half a year now, and it is getting easier. He doesn't have to be on the albuterol all of the time, but it does work miracles!! He just has to use it for his oral steroid that is maintenance right is so frustrating to see our children sick and in pain..Just know that we are praying for you!!

  12. I am so sorry that sweet little guy is sick. We have nebulizers on all of our kids except Grayson, they do work. I bet he's feeling tons better in the next several days! I'm praying!!
    Thinking of y'all, love, Kelley

  13. Hey Lindsay,

    I know it must be to have a stranger tell public...that they read your blog. Jacob and i enjoyed meeting you today. Your boys are both so beautiful.

    Jacob once lost a balloon in the grocery store parking lot. He was very upset as he watched it float away. I explained to him that there are little boys and little girls who live in heaven. I told him that when our balloons float away, they fly up to heaven to share with those little boys and girls. I think our balloon flew up to Ayden that day. :)

    We pray for you and your family often, and we hope that Collen is feeling better.


  14. My son has a nebulizer and althought we don't have to do it daily, he freaks out every time we use it. The one good thing about it (as explained by my doctor) is that when they are freaking out so bad, the treatments actually work better because they are crying and taking such deep breaths to compensate for the crying, which gets more of the treatment into their system. Stay strong...