One of you...

....deserves a big, big hug from me.

I received the following email yesterday:

Subject line: Anonymous Gift from One of your Blog Readers

Hi Lindsay, we received a very kind email from one of your readers mentioning that she would really love for you to get a new blog design (she said you mentioned it on one of your previous posts). We would love to help make that dream come true for you, so we've attached a Designer Blogs Gift Certificate that you can use on any custom, premade, or add-on order at Designer Blogs. To place an order, please fill out one of our order forms on our site and be sure to attach your gift certificate to your order to redeem it (you'll need it saved to your computer in order to do this). We want you to know that we think Ayden is such a beautiful little boy. Our hearts break for your loss but we hope this gift will bring you a little extra happiness amidst your grief. We look forward to working with you!


Owner/Head Designer

Thank you doesn't begin to express my gratitude. So, whoever you are.....imagine me giving you a huge hug and saying thank you half a million times! You're awesome, and I'm so humbled by your generosity.