Now I can cook with my Nook

For Christmas, I orginally got a Kindle. However, we don't have wireless internet at our house. So, I went to exchange my WiFi Kindle for a 3G/WiFi Kindle. Target was completely out of them. I had been really patient in doing this exchange, but my patience was wearing thin. I'm a gadget girl....and I was itching to use my new toy! So, I went to Best Buy to find that they too were out of Kindles, BUT they had the 3G/WiFi Nook. So, I ended up with a Nook, and I LOVE it. I read one book already (in about 2.5 days - that's a complete record considering how busy I am), and now I'm on the sequel (there are three in the series). I'm sure you're curious by now....I'm reading The Hunger Games series. I believe it's meant for adolescents, but being an English teacher, it's a great read for me. It would be perfect for unit on plot development, theme, and conflict (all types). It's compelling because the content can spur all types of discussions and debates. If I get an online teaching job, I hope to use the first book of the series.


I also got a new crock pot for Christmas. The handle on the lid of mine had broken, which made using it very interesting. Since I got a new crock pot, I decided I needed some crock pot recipes. So, my handy dandy Nook just happened to find me one for $0.99. You can't beat that! And since we have a little one under the weather, and I feel like I may be getting what he has, I decided basic Chicken Noodle Soup was in order for tonight's meal. I already had most of what I needed, so my Nook and I did a little prepping today.

These pictures would have been staged with nicely diced carrots....and my other ingredients laid out ever-so-nicely, but....yeah...I was rushing to get all of this together while Collen snoozed/snorted away. So just imagine a nice spread and a clean stovetop.....

It smells delicious! Can't wait!



  1. I got a Nook for Christmas also... haven't thought about downloading cook books on it, but what a great idea! I am going to check some out tonight. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My sister read The Hunger Games and highly recommends it. My brother-in-law just started and is loving it, too :) So it's definitely not just for adolescents.

  3. Great idea about downloading cookbooks!! I want a kindle as well....Santa did not bring me one. :o( I will have to talk with him.

    The title of your blog sounds like its from a Dr. Seuss book. :o)

  4. I got a nook, too!!! Did you get a cute cover it??? I have to get one:)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my nook. Wouldn't take a million bucks for it. I've been meaning to read that series, just haven't gotten to it yet. So you like it??

  6. Just read the Hunger Games after my 11 year old suggested. Was a GREAT book!

  7. I have a kindle and have discovered I can finish a book a lot faster then a paperback. I think it's because it's so easy to start and stop reading. Even if I only have 5 available minutes, it only takes 2 seconds to turn the kindle on and it's almost always with me :) The Hunger Games Series is a great one. I held off on reading it until the final book came out (I love series but hate waiting for a sequel). The Incarceron series is also interesting and the sequel, Sapphique, just came out.

  8. you don't need to have wifi in your house to download books - it has this built-in thing, i think it's something called "whispernet" or something to that effect. you can download books anywhere, i've done it in the car, my Grandma's, outside...

    but i hope you enjoy your nook!!!