a sick baby...

...is no fun.

I haven't been able to do much of anything since Christmas....except hold Collen. He has been out of sorts since the day after Christmas, and now he is sick. Congested cough, stuffy nose, slight temperature (99.7...I don't care what the doctors say...it's enough to make you feel miserable), and 2 new symptoms today - diarrhea and slight wheezing. I'm taking him in tomorrow. I know he isn't running a "fever", but the wheezing and diarrhea are worrying me, so he's going in to the doctor just in case. I'm not about to risk him getting RSV and being hospitalized. I've had about 2 weeks worth of restless nights with me averaging about 4 hours a night. Last night, I think I managed to get 3 hours of sleep. Hopefully, once we kick whatever this is out, we'll be back to normal. PLUS...I think some teeth are trying to pop through. Whew....so exhausted (but so happy to be!)

Happy New Year!



  1. So sorry to hear about your little sick one. Maybe a little pedialyte (but what do I know?). The wheezing would be scary too...glad you're taking him in to be checked. Hopefully you'll both get some sleep soon!

    Don't write much but check on your family often!

  2. SOOOOOOOOO glad to see this post! Sorry he is sick, but so glad everything is ok!!! My WHOLE family has been on a Z Pack(sp?) since the week of Christmas! In my thoughts and prayers! :)

  3. So sad to hear that the little guy isn't feeling well. My kids often ran slight fevers and had diarrhea when they were teething. Hope he feels better soon!


  4. Praying for you! It's no fun! We've been there twice and it's a crazy thing!