Moving in the right direction

When you're sick, there's always that one day that's the hump you have to get over - the worst has to pass. Wednesday was the hump. Collen was miserable that day but trying to be such a sport. His fever stayed around 101.4 - 101.7 all day. I was pumping Tylenol into him and giving as many snuggles as I could. Wednesday night/Thursday morning was a LONG night. I probably slept all of 2 hours. He couldn't breathe well, so he played hot potato with his sleeping arrangements all night. He moved from the bed (pac 'n play), to my chest, to his swing, back to his bed, back to my chest, propped up in the boppy, propped up on pillows, back to my chest, back to his bed, then finally back to the swing. He naps in the swing during the day because it's just easier. That's going to be tough to break, I think, once this mess goes away, but I'm doing whatever works and keeps him comfortable. I never told everyone what he actually has - he has bronchiolitis. It's no fun, and I hope he never gets it again.

Thursday, Collen was doing a lot better. More alert, more playful, but still a little pitiful, especially when his fever would kick back in. I spent Thursday morning cleaning up poop (he has diarhea on top of all of this), medicine (because he spits it out), and puke. I'm trying to sanitize his toys and such as we go through each day. Once this is out of his system, I'll have a major sanitizing job ahead of me. All in all, Thursday was a better day. His appetite was better, and he seemed to feel better.

This morning, he woke up happy and fever-free! He was kicking away while I changed his diaper, and he was all smiles. He still isn't eating great, but he's hydrated and giving me enough wet diapers, so I know he's fine. He still has a congested cough, and I'm still suctioning that little nose, but at least the fever was down this morning. He seemed like himself, and I haven't seen that side of him for a week.

So, hopefully, we're on the road to recovery. Bronchiolitis will stick around for a while, so we'll be dealing with the cough and nose issues for another week probably. I'm keeping him home as much as possible because of the nature of Bronchiolitis and how it affects the airways. It can easily turn into Pneumonia. So, he and I won't be attending the wedding this Saturday. I hate to miss out on it because I was so looking forward to it and seeing members of Jeremy's family who we haven't seen in years. However, the goal right now is to get Collen well. I'm a bit worried because we're supposed to be getting some major snow/ice Monday night into Tuesday. I'm praying that our power stays on because if it doesn't, and all that cold, dry airs gets in here, it could really agitate the Bronchiolitis and make it much, much worse. Hopefully, everything will be fine....I'm going to pray that it will be.

Just wanted to give you guys an update. Thank you for praying and checking in on Collen. :) You guys are awesome.



  1. So glad he's feeling better!!!

  2. glad to hear he's improving. my son had bronchiolitis, when he was about 6 months old. He slept in his swing and we used the nebulizer and humidifier a lot. it did seem like it took a while for the wheezing to go away. i will continue praying for little man! Happy Friday!

  3. Poor baby, I'm glad he's doing better, been so worried about daughter still has to do breathing treatments to this day with Morgan being in daycare. It does get better! In my thoughts and prayers as always! :)

  4. Yeah!! So glad that sweet little guy is on the road to recovery and feeling better!
    Much love to y'all, Kelley

  5. Yeah! So glad to hear he is on the road to recovery and feeling better!
    Much love, Kelley

  6. I'm glad Collen is feeling better! I've been thinking about and praying for him--and for you guys! Hope he continues to get better! Love you guys!