Facts about Ayden...

I received an email recently. Thank you, by the way, to those of you who email us and share with us your thoughts, emotions, ponderings, kindness, compassion, sympathy, prayers, etc. I'm not good at all at getting back to people. However, please know that I DO read every, single email, and then I mark each one as "unread" so I can go back and respond. Sadly, it takes me a while...sometimes a long while. But, I promise you, I read them ALL, and they all bring comfort.

One email in particular struck me. First, I was just humbled that during her busy day, we came to mind, and she went on to make a mental list for me. Many of you share with us how often we come across your minds and how often you pray for us. Again, it humbles me so much because I know how hectic life can be and how hard it is to think outside of our own selves...our own "box." I know, I do it all the time. So, thank you all so much. This person included her list, and I wanted to share it. She called the list, "Facts about Ayden'"

Facts about Ayden:

--Ayden can see God clearly now, face to face. He can hug him, and kiss him and follow him around. How wonderful it must be!

--Ayden is lacking nothing!

--Ayden is completely whole.

--Ayden has lots of company and new friends to romp around with and he gets to meet people who have never met him before, but always wanted to. For example, great-great grandparents and such.

--Ayden's family misses him...terribly

--Ayden's death left a hole in many lives, and at the same time, perhaps, has made many lives whole by bringing people to God.

--We believe in God's plan....always

--God is up to something......always

--Ayden's death has brought the image of God into greater focus and caused the rest of us to examine our own mortality and time with our children and family.

--God is keeping his promise to you...eternal life WITH Ayden.

--Ayden will be invited to the most awesome birthday party ever in a few days (the birthday of Jesus.)

--Your baby is home....right where he should be and where you will get to join him sometime in the future.

I was so touched by this. And she's right, and I loved that she called them "facts" because a "fact" is TRUE. To know that Ayden has touched the lives of so many, and hopefully for the better...and for an eternity's worth of change....that is so awesome. Ayden will share Jesus' birthday with Jesus himself....wow....wow. I hadn't thought of that. All I had thought of was that we were going to spend Christmas without Ayden; this brought me a new perspective. I continue to be so proud of the goodness Ayden's life spreads and brings about....even now. So proud of my sweet boy.

Our pastor spoke today about allow the Spirit to fill you to overflowing. He commented on how many of us let the Spirit in when it's convenient for us, or we just let Him trickle in here and there. He encouraged us to live with Hope because if we are believers and filled with the Holy Spirit, we should not be walking around as if we have no hope and no joy. I am having trouble with one of those two. Hope....I have in abundance. Joy....I'm working on that one. I know God understands, and I know He is preparing me for Joy that will astound me. I just hope it comes sooner than later.

I'll leave this post with a few new additions to Ayden's Name Gallery. Keep sending them in! You guys are creative! http://melissatsao.squarespace.com/
If you look hard enough, you'll find some photos from Ayden's newborn session. Melissa is my former college roommate and one of my best friends of all time. She does amazing work with a camera. She is a Christian, and she has a heart and a true talent for her work. Check her out.

Thank you all for these! They're great! They aren't in the official gallery yet, but they will be soon. Keep sending them in!



  1. I love those "Facts," She is really sweet to have sent that to you! Love Aydens name gallery!

  2. I love it and completely agree.. completely whole and spending the days just praising God.. awesome.. love the pics too, so adorable.. I have a little gallery of names, but have not been good on updating.. big hugs!

  3. the facts about ayden brought tears to my eyes. remembering your sweet ayden with you.

  4. Love the facts!! Praying for you early this morning. . . Hugs your way.

  5. What a sweet person, and it's all so true...

    Thinking and praying for y'all - Kelley

  6. Those are great facts and truths!