An Enchanting movie....

Every girl loves a fairytale. I, myself, am a sucker for them. I grew up watching all of the Disney princess movies, and for some reason, when you're a child those movies seem so real. That's the one thing I don't like about being a grown-up. Movies aren't as magical as they once were. However, I've found one that brings me back to my childhood. If you've never seen Enchanted - you must! My students often ask me what my favorite movies are. Usually, I say Sense and Sensibility, but I think Enchanted might have beat that one out. The music is fun and so easy to sing along with - believe don't think you'll join in, but you will. The story is the typical fairytale story - but with a unique twist. I recently had a movie date with my friend, Jill, and she let me choose the movie. I chose this one because we had been discussing how much we like Amy Adams, and she said she had never said Enchanted. My response - "You've never seen Enchanted!?!?!" So, we settled in to watch, and Jill really liked it. :) It brings out the kid in you, and it will take you back to your childhood. When I was home with Ayden over the summer, I would have this movie playing in the background a lot. I would sing the songs to him all the time, and he just looked at me like I was so silly. I enjoyed sharing my favorite movie with him, though. I'm glad I got to do that.

So, there's my little schpiel (sp?) on Enchanted. It was on tv last night, and as usual, I got all giddy and did sing along with the songs. I don't "sing along" much anymore, but this movie brings it out of me. Such a cute movie. Again - if you haven't seen it - see it. You won't regret it. Jeremy watches it with me. I can't say he enjoys it as much as I do, but I think he enjoys seeing how happy it makes me.



  1. You've piqued my curiosity now, so I'm going to have to see it.
    I'm so glad there are things that can bring out happiness for you now and again.


  2. that movie is hilarious. It was on tv the other day.

  3. We LOVE this movie at our house too! My oldest daughter has all the songs on her mp3 player. "How do you know that he loves you?...." I admit it. I love that song! :)