A snowy day in Greenville town....

Well, it has snowed again. What a winter this has been! I know people make a big deal about us southerners and our snow - we don't know how to drive in it....we get excited about an inch...everything closes down with just the mention of snow. Give us a break, people....we don't see this stuff very often! In my 26 years, I've probably seen 30 inches of snow - total. Some people get to see that in a year's time. Therefore - no, we don't know how to drive in it, yes - we get excited about an inch, and yes - everything closes down because we don't know what to do with ourselves!

I think our grand total from this system is 6 inches. 2 weeks ago we got about 4.5 inches of snow/ice/sleet. This snow is the pretty snow....fluffy, powdery, and beautiful.

Here are some pictures of what we woke up to:

Gracie had a ball in the snow - video to come soon....

Butterfly bush....looking sad

Cars covered....once again.

This little birdhouse is always so cute in the snow

The back yard

My first thought this morning, when I saw all of this, was "Ayden would have loved this." I was so looking forward to sharing snow days with him. Every time it snows, I think of him because I was pregnant with him when we got a rare snow last year in November. That day, I remember being so excited at the thought of sharing these kinds of days with him. He IS a child who is so inquisitive and explorative (is that a word?). He always seemed to want to see everything - never wanting to miss a thing. I imagine he would have taken all of this in and just gazed in awe at it - like we do. Jeremy and I both love the snow and are always so amazed at how beautiful it is, and Ayden has that same sense of wonder that we have. That's one of the things I love most about him - he loves(d) life....and always seemed to see the good in it all. I think he showed that by just how happy he always was....always smiling, laughing, and taking it all in. I feel certain he would have been the ultimate optimist, and I could say that he "would have" touched the lives of each person he came into contact with, but thankfully, I can say that HE DID touch every person who met him - and even people who never met him. He's a special little boy, and I hate that this world, (and us as well) has to move forward without such a precious person in it, but as I continue to say, he will only know a perfect world with perfect happiness and an eternity of glory. I couldn't ask for anything more for him....except to be there with him. I hope it snows in Heaven because I know he would love every second of it....


  1. Beautiful! Hope you have a nice snow day!

  2. Beautifully written. Loved the new addition to Ayden's name gallery.

  3. Such beautiful love from a mommy's heart. So sweet to see Ayden's name in the snow.

  4. haha your snowy cars are NOTHING!! lol here you have trouble digging them out of the 2 ft. lol