At 3 months old, you are such a happy boy.
You're 15 pounds of sweet baby goodness. :)
You have discovered your hands, and you enjoy chewing on your fingers. If you've all of a sudden become quiet, you probably have a chubby little hand shoved into your mouth.
You spend a lot of time awake, now.
You love to kick, kick, kick when laying on your back.
When you get really excited, you'll let out a loud squeal!!
You've given us a few little laughs, but nothing big....yet. We can' t wait to hear those first laughs!
You smile at pretty much everyone and everything.
You love bath time. You get so excited when we put you in the tub. You kick and splash....and we usually end up cleaning up a lot of water!
You enjoy sitting up and seeing what's going on around you.
One of you're favorite things is talking to Daddy. When he talks to you, you light up and will jabber back at him. You have a deep voice for a little baby. :)
Mommy is still you're number one. Once she comes into sight, forget everything else...your eyes are on Mommy. (She loves that oh, so much.)
You're loved more than you'll ever, ever know.
Happy 3 months, Collen.
We love you.


  1. Just so you have people praying for you that you don't even know! How cool is that? !:) I ran across your beautiful page somehow and enjoy keeping up with you and your cute family. Your boys are gorgeous and I do wish you the very best! Crazy strangers are praying for you (crazy in a good way, though ;-D). Keep up the good work and strength!