Happy Birthday Grand-daddy!

Happy Birthday to this guy.....

(holding Ayden)
....my Grandfather - "Grand-daddy"!

Today is also Grandparent's Day. What a day for a birthday!

Today, we celebrate 83 years of life. 83 years!!

I couldn't ask for a better grandfather.

He loves his family with all he has. He'd do anything for anyone. He loves our Lord and anxiously awaits His return.

He is someone I admire so greatly, and he has taught me so much about what it means to be a person of integrity.

He's hilarious, and he always makes me laugh.

He likes to tell us stories about growing up, the wars, and family anecdotes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Because of him, I will forever call my index finger, "lick-a-pot" and my thumb, "thumbo."

(In case you're wondering, the fingers go as such - starting with your pinky - little one, lean one, long one, lick-a-pot, thumbo.)

We never part without big hugs and "I love yous" being said.

He is strong....even for 83. :)

I love to watch him with my children. He misses Ayden so much, and I'm so very glad that he was able to meet him and hold him.

(holding Collen)

Happy Birthday Grand-daddy! We love you so much, and we hope we get to celebrate many, many more birthdays with you!


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