Collen's First Thanksgiving

We have much to be thankful for today. Namely...a little boy named Collen who has brought so much {back} into our lives. We were able to visit with my family for a bit today before heading over to Jeremy's grandma's house for Thanksgiving. Collen traveled well. He slept the whole way there and back, ate well despite not being in familiar surroundings, and wasn't too fussy. He was definitely the hit of the day and was loved on by everyone. Some people met him for the first time! It was a great Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. Check out pictures of Collen's first turkey day!

With Great Aunt Tricia - a little disoriented and fussy...

With big cousin Corben and Great Uncle Gene

Sitting on Great-Grand-daddy's knee

There is a story behind this picture. Every year, after the Thanksgiving meal, the women in Jeremy's family gather around this table with the Black Friday sales papers. Their mission - mapping out a shopping plan/route for the next morning. They look through the sale papers, hunting for the best deals and getting gift ideas. This is a tradition I have yet to become a part of....can't afford it, plus I don't have the patience for large crowds.

Sitting with big cousin Taylor

With his Great Aunt Mollie. He seems to love his Aunt Mollie :)
(I do, too)

And she loves him much!

Poppa playing with cousin Wesley (our nephew - Jeremy's sister's son)

Collen with his Great Grandmother - she calls herself Great Mattie
(It's hard to see, but his shirt says, "I'm stuffed!")

So sweet...

Nana getting him dressed for the ride home

Smiling at his Nana



  1. If those blue eyes and that dark hair stick, you are gonna have big trouble sister. IJS.

  2. Great pics of Collen's first Thanksgiving....looks like he had a wonderful and very eventful day. ((hugs))

  3. Happy to see Collen's first Turkey day! He is growing FAST!

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! He just makes my day! :)

  5. Awww, he is so cute, love the pictures of him with family.

  6. Thanks everyone :) I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

    Tiffany - yes...I'm afraid of that! He's going to be toooo handsome if they both stick around. ;)

  7. He's just so precious.

    What a loved, loved, loved little miracle!