Our boys and their baths...

I've been trying to capture a picture of Collen smiling in the tub, but once he sees the camera, he's fascinated by it and won't smile anymore. One day....

But, I thought I'd put both of these up just to show our two boys off. Collen loves a bath just as much as Ayden did. I love that because bath time was something Imissed so much after Ayden passed away. It's nice to have that back again...



  1. Love the pics, was taking a closer look at both boys and I see alot of you in Ayden and alot of Jeremy in Collen. Both are so beautiful!


    The side-by-side photos are breath taking, it must seem unreal to you. Your other post makes even more sense. The boys resemble one another, definitely brothers. Blessed twice you are with handsome sons.

    Enjoy Collen, I know that you are, he is so precious. Praise to our Heavenly Father from whom all blessings flow for Ayden and Collen.

  3. They look so alike in most pictures but in these they look totally different! Ayden definitely looked like you and Collen looks just like his daddy! Wow! So cute! Hope you are doing well... as well as you can!

  4. Sweetness. Collen is starting to look more and more like his bog brother. That sweet lil mouth is so cute:-)

  5. If Collen was smiling in his picture, you'd be able to see the resemblance more. They look a lot alike but definitely have their own unique qaalities. It's so funny that people say Collen looks like Jeremy - he actually resembles me more. We compared him to my baby pictures, and he looks a lot like me - even Jeremy agrees. He does have Jeremy's skin tone, tnough, so I guess I'll get to see what I would look like with a tan....since I can't get one. :)