Baby Registry

Several of you have asked about our baby registry for Collen and have suggested that I put a link on my blog. We've finally gotten our registries pretty complete, so here you go:

I am more than humbled that so many of you have expressed an interest in sending us gifts for Collen. I've tried to consolidate our registries onto one, but the website I used did not allow me to sync our Babies R'Us registry. However, we are registered at Target and Babies R'Us, and you can also use our online registry at If you choose to go to the specific store sites, you can just search for Lindsay and Jeremy Jones - Greenville, NC on all three, and they should pop up.

This should also be helpful for family who live out of town/country and can't make it to the showers this summer. With, it just ships to our house. Pretty neat! What will they come up with next?

And if it appears that I registered for A LOT of cloth diapers.....I did. I can't decide between Thirsties and GDiapers, so I'm just going to decide which we like best once we use them. I love them both, so we'll see. We're new to cloth diapering, so we're just going with it... I'm so excited about it, though. :)

If you have any issues, just let me know.....



  1. What a great idea to share your registry. I'm wishing your family the best with the birth of Collen and the years to come. I sent a package today. I know that we haven't met in real life but my twin girls were born a day before your sweet Ayden and I think of your family often. Good luck with the cloth diapering! You are an amazing mom to work with cloth. :)

  2. If I had it all over to do again...cloth diapering that is...I'd go with FUZZY BUNS all. the. way! I DO like Thirsties covers...that's what I use now...but Fuzzy buns are sooooo easy to use!

  3. sorry I was looking up myregistry reviews online before signing up and was wondering if you tried their iPhone barcode scanner at all and can I add from any store if I open a registry through them - is that what you did? sounds awesome - congrats on your bundle of joy! (sorry to bombard your comments section with such a random question btw :) !)

  4. Hi Lindsay. I cloth diaper my daughters and I've tried Gdiapers. They are great in theory but they are not waterproof. Theyouter lining gets damp. I would recommend Fuzzibuns and BumGenius. They are GREAt!