THE house

I hope I'm not jinxing anything, but I'm so excited! I had to share!

We got word from our realtor this morning that our offer was accepted! WE GOT THE HOUSE!

After searching and unfortunate circumstance with a house we really liked....back to searching....we finally found THE house for us.

This house went on the market about a month ago. So, while we were searching and putting in offers on other houses, this one was being prepped to jump onto the market. I remember first seeing it pop up onto the MLS site and thinking, "How did we miss this one?!" I think it popped up while we were under contract with the house we thought was going to work out. I remember feeling a little sad that we had missed out on this one. Then, when things didn't work out with the house we were under contract with, I knew we had to go see this one.

It's not the biggest house by any means. We looked at plenty of houses that were in the price range of this one with a lot more square footage, but this one continued to stand out. We love the location and how we only have neighbors on one side of us. A corn field lines the other side. It comes with over half and acre of land, and it's part of a neighborhood but not IN the neighborhood, which we prefer. It's on the side of town we both preferred, and the school district is great! There are a lot of opportunities for adding to this house in the future, which wasn't an option we would have gotten with many of the other houses we looked at. There's room to add a garage with a bonus room and to add a deck....and even expand some of the rooms. So, a lot of possible growth in the future.

The house suits us perfectly, and we can't wait to move in!! This house is newer, built in 2003, so the inspection should go well. The house has been well cared for, so I have a great feeling that everything is going to go smoothly. I'm believing it and claiming it!! So, hopefully, we can get things moving quickly and get into our new house SOON!

We can check "find the perfect house for us" off of the list now. All that's left:

- Have a healthy delivery and meet Collen very soon :)

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes during our house search. It has certainly been an adventure. We're so happy to have found the house that we feel is perfect for us :)



  1. What a cute house. How big is it? I hope all goes well in the inspection and you will have a nice home to bring Collen home to live and grow up in.

  2. HOORAY!!! It's adorable!! I love the cornfield right beside it!!!!


  3. It's so cute! I'm happy you've finally found the house. Praying for a safe delivery! Looking forward to "baby news". :-D

  4. That house is so cute! Yea on your accepted offer!

  5. Congratulations! It's a beautiful home!!! How exciting!

    Thinking of you - Kelley