Plan B


I picked this book up the other day as I was browsing around the Christian bookstore. I read the back cover and flipped through the pages and thought I'd give it a whirl.

So far, it has been a very enlightening read. I can relate to so much of what the author is talking about.

I thought I'd tell all of you about it - because all of us have some part of our lives that didn't quite go as we planned. And now, we're faced with Plan B.

How will you face your Plan B?



  1. This is a good question! My life was pretty perfect before I lost my son when I was 19 pregnant. I'm now on a different path, so unlike the one I ever imagined. I know now I can't anticipate anything in life and am slowly learning to give up some of that control. I can only face 'plan b' with optimism and hope.

  2. i think this is the book that Angie (Audrey's mom over at Bring the Rain, married to one of the guys in Selah) has talked about.

    if you're interested, and this is the correct guy, there IS a video on YouTube with him talking about "Plan B" that Angie & her husband filmed with him a few weeks after Audrey's birth & death. it's actually 3 videos, totaling 2-30 minutes, and i personally LOVED watching them because it brought the whole "Plan B" thing to life & made it real.

    anyway, even if it isn't who i'm thinking of, the videos ARE worth watching as far as Plan B. you can find the videos on YouTube with the first one being titled "Smith Family Story Part 1a" and the others can be found from there.

    i'd recommend NOT watching the videos at a time you're particularly emotional about missing Ayden. i know you ALWAYS miss him, i'm not suggesting that there's ever a time when you don't... i'm just saying that the Smith family's story IS about losing their baby girl, so although ultimately it could be a great thing for you to watch & you can truly relate to their words, it makes even people like me (no kids) cry, so i do want to prepare you for that should you choose to watch. it's of great value, but i'd choose the timing carefully, that's all. :-)

    - michelle

  3. I am currently reading 'When bad things happen to good People' by Harold S. Kushner. A christian book and also a very good read so far, for when life goes off the planned track. I will look for Plan B next. Thanks

  4. I love Pete Wilson and always listen to his messages online at his church website. I would also recommend getting the book "I will carry you." by Angie Smith..The book is life changing!

  5. You do not know me, but I have been following your blog for some time. A friend emailed me this video and I immediately thought of you, Jeremy, Ayden, and Collen. I hope you do not mind me sharing it with you. It is an amazing video about the AMAZING power of Jesus Christ.

  6. I haven't read this book but plan to get it soon (I have 8 million on my nightstand as it is!) because I've heard so much of it and originally learned of it from Angie Smith's's her pastor, if I remember correctly? Not sure, but remember thinking I needed to get it and just have a few to get through first....

  7. I am going thru some tough times right now and a friend of mine at work bought me the plan B book. Though my situation is different it still helps because it makes me realize that though I am hurting and don't understand the whys God has a plan for me always even if I don't always agree. This book has helped me ALOT!!!