Just a FEW pictures...

Sleepy boys

That hair....

What a face...

Beginning of a yawn. We kept him awake for 2 hours.....he slept for almost 5! Success!

Love him to pieces



  1. Collen is just adorable. Know you are loving every minute, as you should. God bless!

  2. Awwww!!! I LOVE seeing pictures of Collen! What a little sweetheart!Thanks for sharing.

    Congratulations on the 5 hours of sleep!

    Thinking of all of you - Love, Kelley

  3. For everything you have been through he is such a blessing. I come here and tears form in my eyes just knowing the emotions of your heart. Love the pictures.

  4. Sweet pictures, sweet baby he looks so alert in ones he is awake in. Yay, for the 5 hour nap!

  5. Just a FEW, huh? Loved them all though. Maybe one of mommy and Collen soon?

  6. Looks like a smile to me!
    He is so very cute.
    5 hours sounds like heaven.

  7. Collen is precious! Only twice have I seen a family resemblance in a newborn (not even my own kids), but that 5th picture looks JUST like Ayden. Glad you got some rest!

  8. I can't believe how much he looks like Ayden. He is absolutely beautiful and reminds me so much of when mine were newborns with all the dark hair. Thank you so much for sharing such amazing and intimate details of his birth, I didn't want it to end! In my thoughts and prayers every day! :)
    PS. My grandbaby Morgan is here this weekend, and I'm babysitting right now as I type(just put her down for a nap)now I know why God gives babies to young people, it wears you out, although I'm having a ball and in hog heaven!!! :)

  9. Congratulations, Collen is gorgeous, just like his big brother. I wanted to point out that the 2nd last photo in this post of you holding Collen.. he looks just like Ayden in the photo that was at the top of your blog for so long of him laying on his play mat. They have the EXACT same facial expression in these 2 photos. You and Jeremy are wonderful parents and are truely blessed.