One Month Old

I have to confess....

It seems like I'm good about taking pictures. I am....when it comes to taking random pictures. Taking milestone pictures....I'm not so good about that. With Ayden, I wanted to be that mom who took pictures every week, marking each week and having a picture history of his growth. Yeah, the intent was there....just never happened. I still took pictures each week; just not really with a purpose other than taking pictures whenever I could!

With Collen, again...fully intended to do the weekly photo. Still didn't happen. BUT, I have commited myself to a monthly picture. I think I can handle that. So, below is our one month photo. I always hear people say, "Take their picture with the same object or in the same spot." So, I decided we'd use his sock dog because I'm determined he's going to love it! Might as well force the relationship early. haha Collen was not thrilled about our little photoshoot. I got him bathed and looking cute, but he just wasn't feeling it. He decided to give me the stink face as I took the pictures of him. That's okay...he's cute even when he makes the ugliest of faces (and people...he can make some faces...)

Peruse through week four of Collen's life....

Collen said, "I'm over it. Can I eat him?"

I have learned two things about Collen and the swing.
1. If he's sleepy but just not quite sleepy enough to drift off on his own - put him in the swing.
2. If he needs to poop - put him in the swing.
As I type this, he is accomplishing both of these tasks. There is just something about a swing that just works for this little boy.
Getting sleepy....
Give me a paci....I'm set. Naptime is a go!

Hey folks. This is my dad! I don't see him as often as he'd like, but I save sweet kisses for him when he gets home.

Telling dad about my day. You know, the usual, eat..sleep..poop...spend time with Mommy.

Here you go Daddy. Saved this one just for you.

He's beginning to enjoy bathtime. Doesn't hurt that he looks so stinkin' adorable in a hoodie towel.

When Daddy leaves for work, Mommy lets me sleep in the bed with her. Of course, I have to stay in my positioner. Something about keeping things consistent. I don't long as I get to sleep.

Exhibit A: Good sleep.
We had newborn photos taken of Collen this past Saturday. Look for a post soon that features a sneak peek into his photo session. He did a great job, and we got some beautiful pictures! I am loving capturing all of these memories with him. He's so precious!



  1. so sweet, love that last one with him arms up!

  2. Oh he is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Congrats again! I just had my baby girl almost a week ago (tomorrow it will be a week), I cannot believe it. I have been quite emotional too, I have to blog about my whole experience . Again congrats and I just smiled the whole time while viewing his pictures!

  3. your son is so precious! i'm glad to see more pictures & hear about new memories with Collen, because (as you can probably relate) right now the only image i have of a son of yours is sweet Ayden. these new pictures allow a new image to be created, NOT to replace Ayden but to give Collen his own identity.

    i'm still praying for you & your husband as you embrace your second son while still missing & not wanting to forget or replace your first son.

    although it probably means NOTHING to hear this - simply because you don't know me - i want you to know that Ayden is NOT forgotten, and i will be praying that as a community we are able to show you that your first little boy DOES matter (present tense) and that he won't be forgotten, nor will he be replaced in our minds as Collen grows & lives life with you, his wonderful parents. i've committed to praying for you guys daily, and those prayers include not only ones for Collen, you guys, moving forward as a family, all those types of things, but ALSO i pray for the wisdom from God to be able to best show you that Ayden is still very much in our thoughts. speaking for myself, i can assure you that your little boy's adorable smile is in my mind every day when i pray for you guys, and when i commit to pray, i take that seriously because not only is it a promise to people, but to Someone more important - the Lord.

    just wanted you to know. ;-)

    - michelle