We ended up not doing the bilirubin test today. Thank God - Collen's little heel was spared today! We did go in for a weight check and for a follow up so the doctor could take a look at him. In 5 days, Collen went from 8lbs 5oz to 9lbs 2oz! Big boy!! I had a feeling we had reached the 9 pound mark. The doctor said he looks great and that the jaundice is well on its way out. He even told me I could let him sleep longer at night - WOO HOO! :) 5 straight hours of sleep sounds heavenly....

Thank you for all of your prayers and for keeping us in your thoughts. It's such a relief to know that Collen is doing well. He is definitely a little boy who was wanted very much, and we look forward to watching him grow and grow and reaching many, many milestones.



  1. Great news!

    Just think, you alone grew him to that weight. Delight in that. We are all wonderfully made.

    Enjoy the (hopefully)extra sleep :)

    Thanks for sharing your joy with us. Collen is a real cutie.

  2. That is such great news. I hope that when you do have the levels checked, all will be okay. Good job growing that boy on mommy's milk. You are doing fantastic and do you best to get some sleep...you deserve it. I pray that things continue to go well and you get to see each and every milestone. \

    P.S. I love all the new pics on the sidebars of the blog.

  3. FYI... I nursed both kids... and did not like it! It is hard,and you never know how much they get...so frusterating! I did it because it is free and it is considered a bit better then formula... although I had to stop prematurly with Rigg and we continued with formula, and I loved the ease and convienience, I am going to nurse this baby, and not like it...
    A good breast pump can change your life!
    Good luck with whatever you do...

  4. glad to hear collen is gaining weight. that is always reassuring especially when your breastfeeding. i read your last post and didn't have time to comment, but i wanted to say a happy mommy is the best mommy that you can offer your baby. breastfeeding is very hard and although it does get easier and less time-consuming, each baby and mommy is different. only you know what's best for your baby. there are many things we will come across in life that may be "better" for our child, but we can't always give them those things. however, we think because our bodies can produce milk that we MUST give it to them. i exclusively pumped both of my boys for 7 and 8 mths, but it got to the point where i was done. some women find that "point" earlier or later, but the important thing is that you come to that conclusion. hopefully, whenever you decide to quit, the guilt doesn't last long and you can be happily celebrating the freedom a day later, lol! :) hope you get some rest! God Bless!

  5. oh and while some mom's may disagree, i found exclusively pumping a much happier option than nursing. i nursed my first for 2 months and my second for 2 weeks. they would always fall asleep while nursing and thus would wake-up 30 minutes later. it was exhausting to say the least. atleast while pumping, i got my "alone" time and usually played on the computer.

  6. I am so glad to hear about the bilirubin levels. I had been praying for your adorable Collin.

    I agree with Andy and Cari's comments. I am currently nursing my 4th and it is not glamorous. It does get easier as they get older and nurse less. I stuck with it because it was FREE! And, around here, free rocks.

    I did get a tip from a friend with my first that has helped me continue breastfeeding. Once my kids start sleeping a long stretch at night, when they awake in the morning, I feed them off one side and pump the other. I have an Ameda pump--it is awesome and I save that milk for when I am weaning or for my hubby to give a bottle in the middle of the night so I can sleep. I usually have so much milk in the morning that baby doesn't notice and that "extra" bag of milk gives me some flexibility. My pump cost $150 new and I figure I easily save that in a couple months from buying formula.

    Blessings to you--you do what is best for your family and don't let anyone get you down.

  7. Hey, stopped by to see if you've posted more pictures of that adorable boy! I can't see enough pictures of him!!I could look at pics of him all day long, he's so beautiful.

    Glad to hear he's getting bigger, hope the sleep is getting better!

    Thinking of the 4 of you, Kelley