More chaos...

When we sold our house back in July, I wrote about the chaos of moving.

Well, we're headed back into chaos! But I couldn't be happier to welcome all of the chaos that is about to come our way!

Yesterday, we finally closed on our house!

We can't wait to be in our house, living on a better side of town and in an area that will be great for Collen to grow up in.
Of course, as most closings go, things got a little iffy. I received a call from our loan officer; she was wondering if we could possibly shift closing to Thursday. Jeremy had already taken ALL of Wednesday off, practice and everything (did I hear you gasp? yeah...I know...can you believe he missed practice!?) to be at closing. If things had been moved to Thursday, there would have been a good chance of the closing being pushed into the afternoon, and Jeremy wouldn't have been able to be there because of practice and a JV football game (which has since been cancelled due to the freakishly heavy rain we've gotten this week, but that's beside the point). SO...I rallied for Wednesday and we were able to push it from the morning to the afternoon. Closing was supposed to be at 4. The attorney's office didn't receive our packet until 3:15. We got there at four and were told to sit tight, there was still paperwork they were waiting on.
I wasn't concerned. I knew it would have to get done at some point. We were there. It had to get done. My main concern was decided where I was going to nurse Collen in this attorney's office! His feeding schedule was not conducive to our schedule yesterday, so I had to just go with it. Luckily, it worked out, and I was able to hide in a room for a little bit.
Finally, the complete packet was ready - at about 5pm. We sat down with the attorney, our realtor and their realtor and got crankin'. Luckily, our packet was pretty small, so it went quickly, and we are now homeowner's again!! And we actually walked away with a little bit of money. We made a cool $50.00! How's that for being the buyers?! Don't worry, the sellers made a good amount of money, too, and I'm happy that they did. :) They deserved to after living in the house for 7 years and leaving in such WONDERFUL condition!
We already had the keys to the house, and since we originally thought closing was going to be in the morning, we had already set up a painting crew for the morning. Luckily, we were able to get into the house before closing to start painting. Below are some before pictures. I can't wait to show you the after pictures! Painting should be complete today; however, I opted out of the trip today since yesterday was a loooong day for Collen to be out and unsettled, so I will see the finished products tomorrow.
Tomorrow is supposed to be Day One of moving. We hope to be in the house by Saturday. Jeremy is staying there already, though, so he can keep an eye on everything. It's going to be surreal, waking up in our new house Sunday morning, and having a much shorter drive to church!
Take a gander at the BEFORE pictures:

Master Bedroom

Kitchen/Dining Area (I have big plans for expansion here)

Living Room (I have plans for this room as well)

Guest Bedroom/Kids Room (someday)

Guest/Collen's Bathroom

Collen's Room
More to come soon! Pray that the chaos goes smoothly and that we all work together to get settled as quickly as possible!!



  1. Lindsay! I love your new house! I've been praying that everything with the transition will go smoothly, and I'm sure you guys will love being back near Greenville. Hope everything goes well! I wanted to volunteer to help paint, but we have our second round of exams this week and next, so I've been studying all the time (between searching for a canoe so I can float to class...haha). Love you guys, and I'm praying for y'all!

    -Amanda M.

  2. That is awesome! Congrats on your new home! I know you'll make it even more beautiful!