3 months 28 days

Today, Collen and Ayden are the same age. After the morning passed, Collen became older than his big brother. It has definitely been a bittersweet day....remembering "that" day. Hard memories have passed through my mind as I've looked at Collen today. I spent most of the day remembering what Ayden was doing at this age...what he looked like...how happy he made me feel....how amazingly complete he made us feel.

I can't believe Collen is already nearly 4 months old. There are still days when I look at him and say, "I can't believe you're really here." After losing a child....and then gaining another...it's still a bit surreal. He is truly a miracle and an absolute answer to prayer. He doesn't make me miss Ayden any less...in fact, I miss him more each day. But having Collen in our lives has helped to ease the pain.

The 22nd, Collen will be 4 months old. From this point forward, the "firsts" lie with Collen, and I'm looking forward to it so much.

Little boy,

3 months and 28 days wasn't enough time with you, but we cherished every second of it. Although our time here was short, we look forward to forever with you when we are reunited once again. We love you and miss you desperately. We see glimpses of you in your brother. Although he is different in many ways, he shares so much of your personality, face, and your beautiful smile. You will always be his big brother....even when he's old and gray. And you always be a part of our lives. We love you, sweet boy.



  1. I am praying for you on this day (as I am all days!).

    You are not alone!

  2. Mrs. Jones I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about You, Mr. Jones and your two beautiful boys today.

  3. I have been thinking about Ayden even more than usual during this time. Just wanted to let you know he was not and will not ever be forgotten. We miss that little buddy. Enjoy your Christmas with sweet Collen, and WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER!!!!

  4. Beautiful post. Ayden must be proud of his big brother since he brings you and Jeremy so much joy. And you are right...this is only a short time and then you will be reunited. Thinking of you all this Holiday Season.

  5. such a moving post that once again gave me chills. thinking of you, J, Ayden and collen always...♥♥

  6. I'm praying for you. And I have no doubt Ayden is watching over his brother with love and laughter. And sending peace to his mommy and daddy, too.