Let's lighten the mood, shall we?

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. I know that I can't change anything, and the "what ifs" can eat at you until you've convinced yourself otherwise. I'm trying to not give into fear and just trust God and His goodness. Once we make it to 4 months with Collen, I think we'll all be breathing a little easier.

Week 15 has been an eventful week around here. Here are some pictures of Collen throughout the week! This week he discovered his feet, and he's getting much better at grasping objects when he reaches for them. He isn't a big fan of tummy time, but he'll oblige for mom to take a few pictures. :) He's growing way too fast!!

Collen has become very vocal recently, and we've learned that he is LOUD! He loves to squeal, coo, say "ah-goo", and "talk" whenever he has a captive audience....or sometimes, just to himself. He has quite the personality, and we're loving learning all about him and listening to every little noise he makes. (Please excuse Tucker hackin' in the background...he has such cooth and timing.)



  1. He's just more handsome every day! Look at those chubby thighs!!! Keep enjoying every moment, every coo and every smile!

  2. Collen is so so sooo handsome! I love his big blue eyes.

  3. I just love looking at pictures of Collen. He is so expressive! It is just so cool to me to see all the many faces of Collen!

  4. Seriously, that 2nd picture of him in the seat is SO precious!!!!!!! I LOVE the look on his face!!!!

  5. I loooove the pictures! My favorite is the one with the surprised face in the bumbo seat. That one really made me laugh out loud! He is beautiful! :)

  6. LOVE the one of him sitting in the little blue chair! Hahahaha!!

    No Santa! It wasn't me!!!! Hahahaha!!!