Finally finished!

***Added info*** Some of you were interested in how I made the wreath. I first saw it at The Nester, and she has good instructions and links to other wreath-making sites on her post. Here is the link:
Nester - Coffee Filter Wreath

Thanks for your compliments! I really enjoyed making it, and it looks wonderful in our home!


So, about 6 weeks ago (or so...) I decided I was going to attempt to make a coffee filter wreath after reading a blog post about them over at The Nester. I'm not the craftiest of people, but I secretly dream of being one of those women who can make something charming out of nothing! So, I thought, " filters and hot glue....I don't think I can screw that up too badly." I liked the idea of this project because it was CHEAP. I got the coffee filters at the dollar store, and I think I got a pack of 150 for $1! Then, I bought a straw wreath form at Michael's for $4. I opted to paint the edges of the coffee filters to add a little charm to the wreath; I went with a gray/blue, which was on sale at Michael's. I already had a hot glue gun and glue sticks. All in all, the project cost me about $6.

Thankfully, I didn't screw it up, but it sure did take me FOREVER to get it finished. The Nester claimed she did it in about 2 hours. I guess I could have done that if I had 2 hours (more like 4 for me...) to just sit and work on it. However, little ones make life very demanding! But, I'm happy to say that it is finished, and I LOVE IT!! It is a lovely addition to our home! It definitely shows up the couch, though. Hmmm...perhaps a new couch would do the trick? hehe

Check out how beautiful coffee filters can become....

My next project: sewing cloth wipes.



  1. How did you paint the edges like that?

  2. Just popped over via Tiffany's blog at

    That wreath is GORGEOUS!!!!! Can you send me a link to the instructions? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make one of those!

    Also.... cloth wipes are a cinch. Especially if you have old baby towels and a serger! ;o)

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  4. For real, they said that it would only take 2 hours...wishful thinking!

  5. That looks so nice! Especially with the edges you added. I'm having visions of making different ones for each season, dressing them up with pins and beads and berries, and so on. So I'll file this in my "craft projects to make before the year 2020" folder, because my inspiration and good intentions are totally at odds with my available time.