Getting so big!

Collen will be 4 months old tomorrow! He has grown so much in the past few weeks - it's amazing! He is doing new things - reaching, grasping, pulling objects into his mouth. He loves to sit and try to grab his feet. Whenever they are in view, he's reaching for them (as you'll see in the pictures below). He loves for you to stand him up on your lap. He prefers to be sitting up instead of lying back, but he can't sit up on his own, so he gets very frustrated sometimes. He wants to be independent, but he has a couple more months before that happens. Big boy... He still hasn't given us any big laughs. I was able to get ONE little laugh out of him the other day, but no more since then. His new thing is sticking his tongue out...all the time. He's definitely learning how it works, so perhaps some rice cereal is in his future. Here are some pictures from yesterday.... Check in tomorrow for his 4 month picture :)



  1. these pics put the biggest smile on my face. collen is so adorable. love that he can grab his toes - too cute. Juju never did care about his toes. i continue to think about you all daily. sending lots of love your way...

  2. Love the pics... he looks so serious- how cute!

  3. It has been a joy to get to know you and your family this year via your blog. I feel very privileged to have shared a little of your lives. Collen is a super cute handsome baby and I have loved seeing him grow. Ayden's sweet face is never far from my mind's eye and you are all often in my prayers. Festive wishes to all of you from your friend in England XxXx