6 months old!!

Collen is 6 months old today! I can hardly believe it! Here are a few things about our big boy:

Weight: Has to be close to, if not, 20 pounds. (Check up tomorrow..)
Length: I measured 29 inches about a week ago

Favorite things:
- Jabbering (Ba Ba Ba and other noises)
-Sitting up (still with some help so he doesn't face plant)
-Watching Tucker and Sinatra....and any other animal
-Mommy and Daddy
-Eating (you'd think this would be the top, but he isn't a big eater these days)
-Still loves bath time!
-Laying down and kicking his legs all around

Favorite foods:
-Sweet Potatoes

He has tried, and also liked:
-Green beans

I need to venture out with more foods, but I was waiting until his 6 month check up before going too crazy!

He's a happy baby, and he's so, so sweet!

Our first big milestone has hit - his first tooth is coming in!! He won't let us see it very often, but you can definitely feel it when he chomps down on our fingers!

Happy 6 months, Collen! We love you!



  1. Holy Moly!!! He is precious, he looks almost like a "little" boy now...he is beautiful!!!

  2. He is getting so big and he is too cute!

  3. He's absolutely adorable! Happy 1/2 birthday Collen! Thanks for sharing.

    Stacey from CA
    (mommy of 3 boys & 13 angels)