Pictures of a cute little boy!

I realized I hadn't posted any recent pictures of Collen in a while. Here are some that have been hanging out in my camera!

Collen and buddy, Josh. I think Josh is looking for Collen's teeth!
Fast friends :)

Hanging out....probably watching Jeopardy

He just started rolling to his side this week. He loves to fall asleep this way.

Sweet boy!

Jumping in his jump-a-roo!

This just started 2 days ago: rasberries! He does it ALL THE TIME now!

More rasberries

And a big smile for mommy!



  1. Oh my goodness he looks exactly like YOU!!!!!!

  2. He is such a beautiful little boy. He has a gorgeous smile.

  3. Here to know it is hard to believe that charming, happy, handsome boy could ever possibly be moody!
    Raspberries all the time: next up kisses and small talk, keep your ears tuned because I'll bet mama and dada are just around the corner.
    Collen's happy photos put joy in my heart, thank you for blessing me.

  4. Those pictures are so precious, Lindsay and Jeremy! I think the raspberries are my favorite. :) Hope you are all doing well! Love and miss you guys!

  5. He is SO cute. One of the cutest baby boys I have ever seen!!

  6. I can't believe how big he is now!!! He is so beautiful Lindsay!