Heaven is for Real

Our pastor's sermon series at the moment is taking us through the church of Acts. This is the foundation of the church we attend and how things are done among our body of believers. We meet together in fellowship, we break bread together every Sunday, we pray together, and worship, and we support and encourage each other. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. We are a family. I leave our church service each Sunday very reluctantly....I never want it to end.

And I was thinking this morning as we were singing and worshipping, "I wish this could last forever." I'm not an animated worshipper. I don't raise my hands (often), but you will see me move to the music....or sing with my eyes closed in quiet meditation....singing to my God. My heart feels so full in those moments; I feel so close to Him. Then we leave, and life just gets in the way. There are bills to be paid, meals to be cooked, jobs to go to, decisions to make, etc. I love Sundays because we come together as a family of believers, and it makes me think about how wonderful Heaven will be. If 2 hours on a Sunday morning makes me feel this way....imagine it being everlasting!! What a wonderful anticipation!

I stumbled upon this book, Heaven is for Real. It's the real-life account of a 4 year old boy who visits Heaven while he is undergoing emergency surgery. If you haven't read it - READ IT. I can't tell you the number of times I've gotten chills or just had tears flood my eyes because I know there is no way he couldn't have known some of the things he talks about seeing. One part that touched me was when he talks about meeting his sister in Heaven. His parents miscarried a baby, and they never knew the gender...never gave her a name. He talks about what she looked like and how she told him how much she loved her parents, and she couldn't wait for them to be in Heaven with her. Of course I thought of Ayden....anxiously waiting for us....telling his friends about us....meeting family as they come and telling them how much he loves us. And just knowing, really knowing, that he's okay.

It's a quick read, and most definitely worth your time! Please, check it out.



  1. I found this book on Amazon months ago and was going to buy it...just haven't gotten around to it yet. Now that you posted this review I for sure have to get it!

  2. Lindsey,
    Where do you go to church? We have just moved to the area and I'd love to know where you go! Sounds amazing! If you don't want to publish it publicly, I understand...could you email me? dawespack@gmail.com.

  3. Oh wow, thank you so much for sharing, I would LOVE to read this. I plan to buy it in the next couple of days...
    Love, Kelley

  4. I have read it. I read it ALL IN ONE SITTING. I couldn't put it down. AMAZING. I highly recommend it.

  5. Hi Lindsey! You have a wonderful blog (which I discovered thru Jill's). The pictures of your li'l boys are precious & they are blessed to have such a loving, wonderful mommy!
    When I read this post about "Heaven is For Real," I got concerned. I know it's tempting to base our beliefs about heaven & other things on people's "experiences," but we need to be careful since the bible alone is our source for truth.
    You are a wonderful writer and extraordinary person. I hope you always keep blogging!