More shabby chic additions!!

Today, my mom, my aunt, myself, and Collen went on a road trip to visit The Nest. I am an avid follower of their blog, waiting for a post each week that details the new finds! For so long, I have dreamed of being able to go for a visit, but with a baby in tow, it takes an entourage to accomplish such a task. Since my mom is staying with me this weekend, off we went!

We picked up my aunt on the way and set off to our destination. Overall, for us, it was a 2.5 hour trip. Collen was perfect the entire day! He loves to get out and see new things and people. He napped in the car and later when we went to the mall for a visit to the Cheesecake Factory (banana cream cheesecake people....seriously....amazing!!!).

The highlight of the day? Meeting a blog reader as we got out of the car at The Nest! These lovely ladies were coming over to say hello to Collen, and the next thing I hear is, "Hey, I know you! I read your blog!" It's a small world....and it never ceases to astound me. It was wonderful to meet you ladies today!

Here are some of my finds for today! The buffet table and rolling cart are going to join us later when we can get Jeremy's truck up there to pick them up!

This will go under our TV!
(Anyone in the market for a like-brand-new entertainment center????)

This "cart" will go by our front door and have baskets that will
hold the dvds that will need a home after
the entertainment center is gone.

Love the lamp shade on this lamp!

A green sconce; a wall hanging for our bathroom, two bird hooks for the guest bathroom,
a weathered frame, lavender soap, and a measuring tape because I needed one for sewing (for all of $ 0.50 - the measuring tape)

And last but not least, this gorgeous mirror!!

It looks perfect above our fireplace.
I have sense replaced my Ecuadorian jugs on the right with a vase
of dried flowers as well as a collage of Ayden.
It was lovely to get out of the house and actually socialize. And Collen enjoyed the day, too, which made it even better! Then, we met new friends, and even saw some friends from church while walking around the mall. :) A wonderful Saturday! I hope yours was great as well.



  1. Talk about a small world! I've been reading your blog ever since hearing about your little one Ayden. I'm so glad I got to meet your "entourage". And what a handsome little guy! I was so shocked when I figured it out who you were...very small world for sure.

    I noticed you bought the mirror...haha, my daughter was thinking about going back there to buy it. I told her I had seen two of them and then here one shows up on your blog.

    Glad you had a great day out. I really enjoyed meeting you in person!

  2. I LOVE that mirror! Glad you found so many treasures to take home.

    You have a beautiful family. Both Ayden and Collen are precious.

  3. Oh what fun finds!!!! I may have to visit the Nest sometime! We are in Sanford so about an hour and a half away!!!! And I am so jealous you went to the cheesecake factory! MY FAVORITE PLACE! I was up in Raleigh today and I went to Trader Joes, it was great!

  4. I love it when the blog world collides with real life. Great finds/purchases.