Moody baby...

I think I figured out what Collen's problem was the other day.


I had nursed him a few more times than usual that day, hoping that he would be more effective and get more than the pump. I'm so tired of pumping, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Turns out....he must not have gotten enough. Poor guy. He was starving, and I was thinking he was just being a pill. I asked his forgiveness several times....

I have been doing something new in the napping/sleeping department, though. He USED to be able to settle down while being held and fall asleep on our shoulders or cradled in our arms. He seems to be outgrowing that (sad face :( ), but he will still do it sometimes (church...odd places where he can't lay down....). I don't want him to fall asleep first and then be laid down, so I'm laying him down awake. This takes a lot more effort than you would believe because Collen is a paci boy, and if that paci isn't in his mouth, there is little chance of him falling asleep. I don't like the "crying it out" method. I'm sure it works, and if you've done it, I'm not judging at all. The other day, I actually tried it out because I had run out of ideas, and we got 5 minutes in and I just couldn't take it anymore. He settled down as soon as he was in my arms and went right off to sleep.


What we do is - lay him in his bed, put the paci in, then walk out of his sight (but stay in the room...usually laying/sitting on the floor beside his bed/pac'n play...yes he's still in our room....not ready to move him quite yet). As he's laying there, he usually plays with his paci, drops it, gets upset, so we quickly put it back in his mouth (not showing our faces....just putting our hands in view), and usually, within 5-10 minutes, he's fast asleep. I'm hoping that once he's more coordinated and able to seek out the paci and put it in his mouth himself, this will be a lot easier. Nonetheless....this is a vast improvement!! Before this, he wouldn't think about going to sleep unless he was on my chest or shoulder, and once he was asleep, I'd move him to his bed. Once I moved him, those eyes would pop open, and then we'd have to start all over. I miss that snuggle time, BUT this is so much better for him. He's teaching himself to self-soothe and learning that it's okay to fall asleep on his own.

He has continued to get somewhat whiney when I come into view, and like many of you suggested....I'm wearing him when I need to get things done. We vacuumed the other day with him strapped in the bjorn. :)

Today, Collen did very well....taking two 2 hour naps. His afternoon nap was cut short while we were out visiting a friend. We had to stop by the grocery store to pick up some essentials before this snow supposedly hits (sheesh!), and wouldn't you know...that little booger slept from the time we left my friend's house....all through the entire shopping trip (that is so rare, people!), and on the way home. He never even knew we were at the grocery store! We got home, he ATE UP some carrots, and then we had to meet my parents and my sister and her boyfriend for dinner. I gave him his bottle on the way. He was perfect the entire time. We even went to Target and Barnes and Noble...where he fell asleep and slept all the way home. Got home, got changed, had another bottle, and 10 minutes into our new sleep routine, he was dreaming away.

I'm figuring him out....little by little.

I've learned that he is his mother's son. He gets bored easily, and he is extremely curious. While I'm holding him, he'll wriggle and twist to try to see/touch whatever is in view or outside of his view. And he's strong!! He's hard to hold onto sometimes! But I love that he's so inquisitive. He'll be a fun learner. :)

So, there you have it. Moodiness solved. (for now)

I sure do love that little boy.



  1. Poor buddy was hungry! I did the same thing you are doing with "topping off" what I pumped with formula; he's still getting the that is great! Sounds like you are doing great if he is still willing to nurse too....he will certainly be more efficient than that awful pump. Jacob was a pacie-monster too! I was so worried about giving it to him...but he could put himself to sleep with it. He always put himself to sleep with it. Just so you know...I was able to switch him to bedtime only pacie at 12 months...and took it away cold turkey at 20 months and he did fine. ADDICTED to the pacie, but was completely fine when we took it away. It was replaced with a teddy bear. (I am a speech-langauage pathologist...who gave her kids a pacie...and I don't regret it one bit! :)

    You are doing a great job...all three of your boys (daddy included) are so lucky to have you!

  2. My grandbaby, Morgan, is a "paci" girl too, so when she was around Collen's age or whenever they can find the paci and stick it back in, Katie(Mom) would put and still does, about 6 paci's in the crib, so when she woke in the middle of the night, she would feel around and always find one...wish I had thought of that! Glad Collen's doing better, he is precious!!! :)
    MK Hucko

  3. My baby never took a paci even though I bought and tried every brand (I must have spent at least $100!). It would have made it so much easier at night! But it sounds like you guys are doing an awesome job. I'm not big on the cry-it-out thing either, at least not when they're really young, but I did it when mine was 11 months and she was just ready. It took 1 night of less than 20 mins and it got better and better till she slept through the night with no fuss. Everyone has to feel it out for themselves and their child. Kudos to you for being intuitive. :)

  4. Had to giggle...gave up breastfeeding day 2, carried him all the time, and whimpering meant give me another bottle. We joked that he made it through infancy without ever crying. Anyway, he'll be 20 tomorrow :)

  5. My little guy was also a paci baby and didn't sleep through the night until 9 months, when he finally figured out how to find it and put it back in his mouth on his own. We always had 4 pacis in the crib at any given time so that there was always one available!! I remember that " sneaking a hand in to give the paci back without being seen" very well! Enjoy that sweet boy! I think of all of you often!