Little Mouse, I Love You

My parents gave Collen a book for Valentine's Day called Little Mouse, I Love You.

I was reading it to him tonight before bed, and it came to one part....

When they had passed by the field, Grandma and Little Mouse came to the
duck pond, where there was a lot of quacking and splashing as a brood of baby ducklings
scrambled after their mother. "Those ducklings will grow up one day, won't they?" sad Little Mouse.
"Do you think their mommy will forget them when she has new ones
to look after?" "No," said Grandma. "She will never forget a single one!"
"Just like the way you will never forget me!" said Little Mouse
As I sat reading to Collen, I thought about him as a young boy, beginning to ask me questions about his brother. I thought about his friends, teachers, and strangers who will look at us and think Collen is our first child. I thought about how after we lost Ayden, Collen came along....we were blessed with a new miracle, but our first miracle will never be forgotten. No matter how many children we go on to have, even though he isn't here, he will always be with us.
In that moment, I felt so close to both of my boys.



  1. wow, i love that. i might have to go get that book.

  2. awww, Lindsay, of course you won't ever forget him. You'll always have a first born and I know you can't wait to have your family "complete" when you get to heaven. I think of my Granny. She lost a baby boy when he was 5 days old and she's in her final days now, and I know she can't wait to see him and hold him again. what a wonderful scene that will be in heaven! Thinking of you...

  3. oh man... I love when something as simple as a children's book can be so profound and relevant. I think this book will be a favorite in your family for a loooong time.

  4. we will never.ever forget our boys. ♥