He's rolling over...

Oh, y'all pray for me.

Collen rolled to his tummy today during his nap. Most days, his morning nap is when I'm able to get a shower in and possibly do a little cleaning. Recently, Collen has been rolling to his side before falling asleep, but today, something said, just watch him while he sleeps....just to be sure. I'm so glad I listened. He rolled to his stomach, but he kept his left arm underneath him (he can't figure out how to get it out of the way, yet.). I took a deep breath and wondered if I should roll him back. I figured I'd better not, so I just watched....every single breath he took.

I have been terrified of this milestone. Collen hasn't particularly enjoyed being on his stomach, which we didn't argue with at all. We found comfort in the fact that he disliked it so much. However, we knew that, eventually, this milestone would come. And here we are, almost 6 months in, and he's doing it. Luckily, he has great head control. Once he rolled to his tummy while sleeping today, he turned his head, so that's a good sign.

Obviously, I'm scared. If he never rolled over, I'd be happy, but I know that isn't possible....nor is it realistic. I'm going to have to watch him more closely in the coming weeks just until he really gets the hang of it. And I'll just continue to take deep breaths and praying, praying, praying.

So, y'all pray for me....that I don't have a nervous breakdown. Also, I'm speaking this Saturday at a women's conference of sorts at Jeremy's parents church in our hometown. I'm incredibly nervous. It'll be the first time I've told our story to a group of people.....and I have no idea where to go with it. I have ideas about where I want to go with it....but just not sure what my central message will be. I want them to walk away with something, but standing up there and talking about Ayden...and getting through it...is all I can focus on right now. It'll evolve into something, and God will be in whatever I do. I know He's taking care of all of this right now....just need His strength.



  1. Wow Lindsay, of all the things you've written, for some reason this one has tugged at my heart the most. You, Collen, and Jeremy are in my prayers.

  2. I will definitely be thinking of you and praying for you! Are you still using a monitor for him during naptime? I hope that will allow you to sleep a little.

  3. Lindsay, I have read your blog several times and have been reading it a lot lately! I will keep you in my prayers with this new milestone! I can't imagine what you are going through or how you could/should deal with it. Just have faith that you will get through it.

    You have such a powerful message through Ayden. Don't worry about the 'speech' just tell Jesus to speak through you and it will be one powerful message and I am sure everyone will leave with something!

  4. You wrote that it is the first time you have told your story to a group of people. You tell your story regularly to a world wide audience - you use words eloquently and effectively. You are a wonderful mother to both of your children and you will do great sharing your families story. Good luck!

  5. I was afraid of Liberty (now 7 months) rollling over while asleep, too. Want to know why? Because of your story. It terrified me.

    BUT, we got through it, and now she sleeps with us, tosses and turns all night, and I don't really think about it.

    Every now and then, I'll have a mini panic attack about it, but I work through it.

    I will pray for you, because I'm sure it'll be tough for you for a while. I hope it gets better for you.

  6. You can do this Lindsay---and prayers your way as you prepare to speak. :)

  7. Can you use a sleep positioner to help keep him on his back? Of course, if he is a wiggly baby he could wiggle his way out of it, but maybe something to consider?

  8. This post made me cry. I am praying for all of you! And, I am certain you will do an amazing job at your speech on Saturday. Let Jesus shine through you as brightly as He does in your blog! Love and prayers...

  9. Prayers, of course, for peace in your heart.

  10. Hi-ya friend!
    I think we all have those fear triggers. Mine is fever...
    I just keep telling myself this...
    If I truly believe God wants what is best for me, and I truly want God's best... then anything that happens...ANYTHING, I can get through, even if it is painful or uncomfortable.
    That and I can not do anything anyway... God is in control and has me... my boys and my husband in his hand.
    all that to say... it is HARD! Hard to let go, hard to bow to God and WHATEVER HE has in store.
    Praying... as always.
    Love you girl!

  11. In my thoughts and prayers, as always...please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as my daughter and her husband start another roller coaster ride to have a baby, this has been going on for six years, and we can use ALL the prayers we can get!!! :)