8 Months Old (a little late)


Collen is EIGHT MONTHS old!!

It's so hard to believe we're already at the 8 month mark....and getting closer to one year old every day.

At 8 months old, Collen seems to be learning so many new things! Here are a few of the new things going on with Collen:

- He will clap his hands when prompted to.

- When we say, "Where is the light?" He looks up (even outside) for the light.

- He will give Mommy kisses....and sometimes Daddy. :)

- Collen can feed himself puffs, butterbeans....pretty much anything that fits in his little hand.

- He's getting closer to crawling, but I'm thinking he may just skip it altogether. He'll get on his knees but quickly go down to his belly.

- Sometimes he will "wave" bye-bye.....it's still kind of random.

- He is experimenting with all kinds of sounds. He hasn't put "da-da" together, yet, but he's saying - da, ba, aahh, ooo, wa, ya.....pretty much any vowel sound and he likes to add a "t" sound to the end of a lot of his sounds.

Collen is still a good eater when it comes to solids. We've worked out a good routine for formula, and I'm getting him to take about 20 ounces a day (woo! That's a triumph!).

He has recently started sleeping much better at night. Most nights he wakes up once or twice just for a paci replacement and to have his head rubbed, then he goes right back to sleep. He usually goes to bed around 8pm, and then he wakes up ready to play at 6:30! He used to sleep until 8.....these early mornings mean a struggling mommy.....but I love our morning playtimes.

This week, Collen has really begun to show his individuality. He can throw a tantrum in a second if you take something away that he shouldn't have....or if you lay him down when he doesn't want to be laid down (ie - diaper changes). Whew....the kicking and flailing and throwing that head back.....I'm left saying, "Where in the world did this come from???" Hopefully, he'll get it out of his system now, and toddlerhood will be nice and cooperative. ( I know....wishful thinking) We're taking all of this in stride, though. He has to learn that there are boundaries, and that he can't have everything he wants. I just never thought he'd express himself so soon! :)

Collen is silly, friendly, and so loving. He makes our life so incredibly happy!! We love watching him grow and learn and grow into his little personality. We thank God every day for blessing us with this sweet little miracle. :)


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