9 Months Old

Collen turned 9 months old on May 22! It's so hard to believe we're already at 9 months! Collen is doing so many things these days....

Here are the 9 month stats:

Weight: 21 lbs 13 oz (75%)
Height: 29 1/8 inches (75%)
Head: 48cm (97%)

The doctor was a tad surprised at his head circumference because it jumped since last time. Why do the doctors have to come in and make you all nervous? She wanted to re-measure to double check because she was just a little concerned. Turns out he just has a big head. I went home and measured again, and I got 45cm. The doctor had me so worried....and it's still an afterthought...but he's healthy and developing well, so I'm trying not to worry.

As far as milestones and development go, here are the new things he is doing these days:

- He mimicks sounds and actions like clapping, nodding his head, making sounds.

- He is saying, "Ma Ma" "Da Da" "Naa Naa" "Ba Ba" "Wa Wa" "Ya Ya" "Dit" (?) We just recently have started trying to teach him "No" by shaking our head and saying, "No, no, no, no...". This is where the "naa naa" came from. He will repeat it over and over after us.

- Pointing at the light. He loves to find the light....wherever we are!

- Sitting alone and pulling himself into a seated position (woooo! So thrilled about this one!)

- He can pull up on us if he's holding onto one of our shirts, but he isn't pulling up on furniture yet. He can get himself up on his knees but then just sits back down on his bottom. He still isn't crawling, and I'm not sure if he will. He'll get into a crawling position and then just sit back on his bottom or flatten out onto his belly. He prefers to get around by rolling or scooting on his bottom.

- Feeds himself. He loves to feed himself his puffs, crunchies, anything we let him....

- Dancing/bouncing - I love when he does this! It's so, so cute. If the mood strikes him, he'll bounce and bounce to music that comes on the TV.

- His funny face - I wish I had a picture of it. He scrunches up his nose and pulls his upper lip up and breathes through his nose really loudly. We have no idea where he got this from, but it's hilarious! He has quite the personality, and he isn't afraid to show it.

- He can still wear some 9 month clothes, but we have to put him in 12 month pajamas because his legs are too long for 9 month. He's pretty true to size with most of his clothes.

- He is sleeping through the night, but he still wakes up 3-5 times a night. When he wakes up, it's only for a minute....long enough for me to find his paci and give it back (he is starting to figure out how to pick it up and put it in his mouth himself)...reposition him...pat his back/rub his head...and he's back to sleep. Last night, he woke up ONCE (woo!), then he was awake at 7am....played a little while, drank a bottle...then went back to sleep from 8-10.

He's getting so much better at sleeping and napping. He is still sleeping in our room, in his crib. I have no idea when we'll move him. I keep thinking I'm going to decide to move him within the week, and then a week goes by....and he's still in our room. He does well with the current setup, and so do we, so I guess that's why we haven't been in a big hurry. Plus...I still like being able to keep an eye on him while he's sleeping. I know I can't watch him forever, but I'm always going to be fearful. I'm getting better with each passing month....feeling less stressed and less worried...but it still creeps up.

I say it all the time, but Collen is such a blessing. I look at him and just can't believe he's mine. I watch him breathe and I'm so thankful for the air in his lungs. He is happy and healthy and has such a huge personality. We absolutely love being his mommy and daddy, and we're so thankful that God chose us for him....and him for us.


  1. He is absolutely gorgeous, I enjoy reading how far he has come along and how blessed you are to have him!

  2. Happy 9 months to Collen! Such a cutie pie he is! My Bella just turned 10 months. How are they this old already?!