Collen's Quirks

I was looking at Collen today, and I thought, "God's sense of humor shines through in this child." Because Collen is a goofball. Those who know me would say, "Umm...he's yours isn't he?" Excuse me.....Jeremy is quite goofy, too, I'll have you know.

As he is about to turn 9 months old, Collen's personality is really shining through these days. He makes us smile...and how can you not when that little smile is shining right back at you? He makes us laugh countless times a day. And he's showing us so much about himself.

He's quite the individual, and we're learning that he has some pretty interesting quirks. Here are just a few:

- No matter what is going on....playing, eating, crying, tantrum (yes, those have arrived..small ones)....if this commercial comes on TV, he stops what he's doing and watches - eyes glued to the screen and sometimes he will mumble like he's singing along.

JG Wentworth Opera

(Sorry you can't watch it here; for some reason, it won't let me embed it...)

We were having trouble getting Collen to take his bottle yesterday, so Jeremy played the video for him on the computer, and he stopped fussing....watched the commercial, and drank his bottle. I have no idea why he loves it so much.

- He holds his ears when he is sleepy and falling asleep.

- When he is sleepy, he has to be able to touch one of us....and keep his hand on us. If one of us moves, with eyes closed, he'll reach out...grasping for one of us. (This is usually in the mornings when he ends up in our bed or if I'm riding in the backseat of the car with him.)

- He has to hold my hand to be able to fall asleep for his naps.

- He is an incredibly light sleeper (I am also) and wakes up several times during the night. (Tons of fun....but it's okay. :) I don't mind being able to check in on him through the night)

- He finds amusement in the littlest things. This morning, he wanted to play with a pair of his socks. We watched as he yelled is absolute joy and glee about those socks! We walked out of the house on our way to church with him carrying his sock, in his a puppy dog.

- Although he finds amusement in many things, he is not easily humored. He will laugh at something 3 times, then it isn't funny anymore. We'll try to introduce it again a week or so later...nope...still not funny.

- He kisses me, but he will not kiss Jeremy.

- He LOVES the hairdryer. We have to dry his hair because it takes too long naturally, and he gets so excited!!

- He kisses himself in mirrors. :) "Kissing the baby..."

- When presented with a musical/noise-making toy, he has to look at all sides of it....and will most likely play with the back or bottom of it instead of the part that is supposed to entertain him.

- He will hold his bottle to play with it, but he will not hold it to feed himself.

- If we have a cup with a straw, he expects to be given some of the drink through the straw. We only do this with water....he loves it.

- He likes to put his mouth on our knees....and our toes. We highly discourage the toes, but sometimes he sneaks it in.

- When someones hand is held out in front of him, he will lean in expecting you to help him make a "wa, wa,wa,wa," sound. Then, he will do it himself because it's just so entertaining!

I'm telling you...he is an interesting child. He seems to learn something new every day. He's perfecting dancing these days, and he's getting so close to being able to pull up. He will get himself up on one knee while playing, but still no crawling.

He's a delight, and we love him more and more every day. :)


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  1. That is so cute. Harper began loving certain commercials at that age too. You might know that I'm obsessed with the Golden Girls and he used to get SOOO excited and light up when he heard the song come on. Still makes me smile to think about it :)