Collen says "Momma"

I had to let him fuss just a litle bit to catch him saying it, but here it is - Collen saying, "Momma!"

Oh, how I have waited to hear one of my children say Momma. It was one of the things I most longed for after we lost Ayden....I would never hear him say "Momma" or "Da Da." Now, to hear Collen saying's the best thing I've ever heard.

He only says "Momma" when he's getting sleepy or is fussy and wants to be picked you can be sure that he was picked up and cuddled as soon as I captured him uttering that precious word!

And here are some more videos just for the fun of it!



  1. So very precious. Each of these videos just made my day. I love to see the sort of beauty in both your grieving and happiness combined. God bless you and all of your beautiful, beautiful family!

  2. he is just darling, and you are truly blessed. these made me cry for what i'll never get to see my kenny do. but the last one made me laugh - he's just too cute. did you do that on purpose?!

  3. Those videos are so precious, and Collen is adorable! They made me laugh during a study break, which I desperately needed. :) Hope you guys are doing well! Love you guys!


    P.S. I saw a yellow butterfly today and thought of you, as always. I am thinking of and praying for you daily. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your special moments with us. I loved the videos Collen is just adorable!