Collen goes to the mountains

This past week, Collen and I tagged along with my parents to the mountains of NC. My dad had to go up for business, so my mom and I (and Collen) came along to do some sight-seeing and shopping. Jeremy and I lived and worked in the foothills for a year, so we have friends up there that we like to visit whenever we're there. I was able to go back to the school we taught at and visit with a few people. It was an exam day, so I couldn't visit too long, but it was so nice to give hugs and introduce them to Collen. The last time we visited was right after we lost Ayden - there were a lot of hugs on that visit too and a lot of well wishes and kind words. It was nice to go back with Collen and share our joy with our mountain family.

Collen did very well with the travelling! I was impressed. He got restless from time to time, but once he settled down and took a nap, he was fine. He ended up taking most of his afternoon naps in the car, or in his stroller, and he did so, so well. At night, he slept with me. I bought a bed rail/guard as a precaution, and it turned out to be a smart purchase. He rolls all over the place, so if he wasn't bumping into me, he at least had that guard to prevent him from meeting the floor!

It was nice to get back home to Jeremy. We missed "da da" so much! And I missed my bed....and Collen's crib. I love sleeping with him and getting those middle-of-the-night snuggles, but I sleep so much better with him in his crib. :) It was great to get away for a few days. Staying home...every day can seem like groundhog's day...the same thing over and over again. It was great to be able to get a shower without worrying about what Collen was doing. I was able to eat a meal while it was hot! It was nice to have some help. I love doing it all for Collen, but Mom needs a break sometimes, too.

It was nice to spend time with my parents. We definitely had some laughs and have some fun stories to tell...over and over again. We made some fun memories. :)

Here are some pictures from Collen's first trip to the mountains!

One of many "car pictures"

At the park with Grandma "Ya Ya"

Hi Mom!

Playing with a football from one of the ladies at school!

The dining area in the restaurant was reserved, so Collen had his first "bar meal."

It's not east to fit 4 people into one frame...but here we are!

Checking out the toys at the general store

He wasn't too sure about these bears...

Sweet boy....just love him to pieces!

Sink baths are fun!


  1. first time i've seen your new blog design. love it! glad you had a nice trip. the mountains of NC are one of my favorite places. we go there every summer, for my husband's annual family reunion. one of my favorite places to shop there is mast general store - any chance that's the general store you showed in the picture?

    collen is just precious.

  2. Haha, I love the first pic. Bella does that all the time and my older two girls that cheer always say she is doing a heel stretch. Collen is doing a great heel stretch in that picture!:)

  3. So sweet, love your new blog design. And I love all the pics you shared looks like Collen had a great time!