Job Search

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go back to work after the summer. After we lost Ayden, I told Jeremy that I couldn't put another child in day care. So, when we found out we were pregnant again, we started saving up. We had to save enough to get us through a year, and somehow....we did it. We saved up enough to keep me home for a year.

Well, that year (and that money) is coming to an end in August. :(

So, I'm on a job search. The this is, though, I have no idea what I want to do. I have a bachelors degree in English Education (grades 9-12), and I have a masters degree in Library Science, and I am a licensed Media Coordinator (school librarian). I would LOVE to use my masters degree, BUT finding a media position is very difficult. It's one of those positions that once you get into stay in it....until you retire. There are two openings in our county for next year, but I will more than likely NOT be considered for them. Why, you ask? Our county is cutting positions for this coming school year. Some of those cuts will be current media coorindators, and they have to place them before considering a "new employee"...which I completely understand.

So, my next option is to find a teaching position. But....with the I really want to be faced with a classroom of up to 45 students?? The job cuts are going to drive up classroom sizes, and as much as I love what I do....with a pay freeze and being one person responsible for sounds incredibly daunting to me.

I've sent my resume to several our county and surrounding counties. I probably won't know anything, teaching-position-wise, until August because principals don't even know their budgets or allotments, yet.

I've also applied for other with the NC Department of Instruction (long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try). I've applied for a public library position as well as a position with the library at our local university. And I applied for a job in the city clerk's office as deputy clerk. I think I would actually like this position; I hope and pray they at least consider me. It would mean a 12-month job ( summers off....hhhmmmm) but I like the idea of doing something different.

Really, I'll be happy to find something...anything with a salary that will help support our family. I wish teachers' pay was enough to allow me to stay home, but it isn't.

As far as childcare goes for Collen, we don't have anything lined up....yet. I would LOVE for my mom to come keep him during the day. She is still working, but could retire....if offered a lay-off package from her job. She's actually hoping for that (and me too), because she would love nothing more than to keep Collen for us. She would have an hour-long drive every day, but we'd work something out. She has her own room at our house as it is, so she could just sleep over a few nights a week. ;)

I know that everything will work out. God has a plan, and He's working on it right now. I'm trying not to stress too much. I'm so going to miss being home with Collen. If I did the online tutoring full time, I could still work it out, but it just isn't possible to do it full time. Collen requires too much of my attention. Plus, that pay would have us breaking even each month. We really need to be putting money into savings and having extra for emergencies.

Looking forward to seeing where God leads me next and being prayerful for His will and my obedience!



  1. lindsay, one more thing you could look into, if there's anything in your area, is an independent school. i don't mean a little po-dunk church school that's run by the pastor instead of by educators, but a real, established independent school. i am VERY happy to make a little less than i would make in a public school, in order NOT to have to put up w/ so much of the bureaucratic BS of public schools, the constant focus on testing, and class sizes of 45! i don't know where in NC you are... i do know there are a couple excellent independent schools in charlotte, but i'm sure there are plenty elsewhere throughout the state! whatever you find, i hope it's something that makes you happy!

  2. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a job!

    I will be going back to school in August, at the end, the 22 to be exact and I am SO nervous having to leave Sadie. But I was so greatful and am to have been able to stay at home with her for almost a year, and I am at home living with my parents.

    I am lucky my mom is going to arrange her work schedule to watch Sadie, tues-Thursday when I will be in class and mon and fri I will have online class so I can watch her then and on weekends. I can see myself just crying and crying when I have to go, but I need to get going and do wahts best and one day be able to move out and start my own life with my daughter.

    I hope you get the job you like! :)

  3. Good luck with your search Lindsay. I thought I heard you say something about online teaching. Have you looked into that or applied for any adult education. I am an instructor for a technical college but there are many online positions at various other schools as long as you have your masters in anything. LOL I work for University of Phoenix and they pay their instructors WELL!!! Let me know if you want more info because that way you could be home with Collen more. :)