The Dome

Jeremy and I joke about "the dome" we are going to live in someday. It will be an invisible, sound proof dome that surrounds our house/property. People can see us inside the dome, but they can't come in without permission. And best of all, it's quiet inside the other peoples' screaming kids, barking dogs, honking car horns, loud music, sirens, etc. This thought came about because we have some neighbors who like to blast rap music loudly sometimes; however, it has gotten MUCH better recently....which is lovely.

Anyway, yesterday, when I heard on the news about the little Oregon boy who went to school and never came home.....just vanished....the dome idea came flashing back. I emailed Jeremy immediately and said, "That's it....we're home schooling. Decision made." I told my co-workers about it today and how we were going to live in a dome. They kind of laughed, especially at the thought of me not ever leaving the dome....never to visit Target again. (They know I love some Target).

As funny and irrational as it is, part of me isn't joking about the dome. I wish we could live in a bubble, cut off from the outside world, free from all harm, disease, corruption, etc. We could grow our own food, order online, have groceries delivered, home school, and work from home (somehow...). I think this all comes from my absolute NEED to be SURE that Collen and our future children are safe at all times....within my reach and within my sight every moment. Yes, I know...I know...that isn't possible...I KNOW. Believe me. I get it. That doesn't keep me from the worry and the paranoia, though.

I left Ayden in fully capable hands, and the unthinkable happened after minutes of being out of her sight. No, I never expected him to be watched at all times. It's a daycare; kids are put down for naps all the time; it was routine, and the unimaginable happened. Yet, being his mother, I can't help but ask, "Would it have happened if he had been being watched? Would the outcome have been different had he been with me?" There were times when I laid him down, listening intently to the monitor, checking on him every 15 minutes....and it could have happened. These are natural questions to ask....the what ifs and the why questions. And they definitely affect the future and how we will approach the care of our future children. We know we are going to be more protective. We know people will see us as the parents who smother and shelter their kids. We're coming to grips with the absolute fact that we can not and will not be able to protect them 100% of the time.

Hence, the dome idea that is crazy and outlandish to some, but not so irrational or unplausible to us.


  1. You have a Dome, and His name is God :)

    God has your Ayden, safe and sound until the day you are reunited.

  2. I think "The Dome" is a good plan of yours and entirely understandable. I would just suggest that you make it extendable and retractable. So that as you become more comfortable with certain things you can extend it some and if you feel anxious you can retract it again! Wishing for only good things for you and your family. xx

  3. I thought I came up with the idea. Hrm. But thats even better that I didn't. Have you heard of the Angel Monitor? (Not sure if thats the right name for it) It beeps if baby is still for over a few seconds and has degree's you can set it to. If not maybe you might want to look into that for further peace of mind. I don't blame you about the dome. Not one little bit. Hugs. Kandi Ann

  4. Don't're not the only one who has these thoughts. I too heard about the Oregon boy and began thinking of HOW we could homeschool...
    It could be like a big plastic bubble...perfect temperature all the bad TV shows or commercials...
    Don't worry...I'm right there with ya. But I might just make an exception and go to Target :)

  5. merlin...very well said!
    I can understand your needs/thoughts on this, but you get's not possible to do that 100%. Just have to do all you can do and that's...well...all you can do.
    Hope things are going well for you guys still.

  6. We don't call it "The Dome," we call it a ranch in the middle of nowhere in Montana. My goal is to only interact with people once a month to go grocery shopping.

  7. We are trying to create the dome. We grow our own vegetables, have plenty plums, we're surrounded by lots of land and trees, & chickens (that won't lay eggs when I tell them). I shop online to avoid driving anywhere- just 2 problems: I can't stay out of Target (3 times so far this week) & the kids won't stay in the dome

  8. Ooooo, I like merlin's answer :)

    I can totally relate to the dome/bubble thing. Cody and I talk about it allll the time. I have said many times that I want to homeschool, just to keep my eyes on Landon 24/7 and protect him from EVERYTHING! The way this world is these days, I'm beginning to think it's not an irrational thought at all. Any good and loving parent would want that for their children (of course on the other hand, we want them to experience a "good" life in the real world). I just want you to know that you're not alone on that! Oh yeah, a lot of times, I refer to it as, "living off the grid." Move to the middle of the mountains somewhere and live off of our own animals and veggies. I want to get away alllll the time. I know God has his hands all over us though and like Merlin said, He is our Dome!