Glucose Test Results

I'm a day late, but just wanted to let everyone know that I passed the 3 hour glucose test! Woo!

Let me tell you....I'm usually not one to get wimpy about anything, but that 3 hour test brought out the wimp in me. When I first started drinking the glucola, it wasn't so bad. It actually tasted pretty good - like an extra sugary Sunkist. Then, I got the point where I had 1/4 of the way to go. I took breaks because the lady/nurse/whatever told me that I should take it slow since it was more concentrated. I did as I was told even though I wanted to just chug the thing and get it over wtih. Anyway, 1/4 left....and the wimpy Lindsay appeared. I had had enough....every sip was taken with great effort. I finally got it down, though.

I did well with the first draw of blood. That never bothers me. I can watch it all....not a big deal. Even when she said she would have to draw blood 3 more times, I thought, "Eh...I got this." So, I sat and waited. The first hour was a roller coaster - for me and for Collen. About 15-20 minutes into the first hour, Collen was obviously on a sugar high because he was all over the place. So, I entertained myself by watching him jump around. I read a little....tried to get my laptop to pick up Internet...settled for computer games eventually. My side of the sugar high resulted in nausea, wooziness, and a headache. Not too fun, but it was bearable. I think I might have caught myself pouting at one point, though.

2nd draw of blood....okay....tolerable....but then I realized, I had 2 more hours and 2 more draws of blood to go. Ugh.... Luckily, the nausea and headache wore off, so I was able to sit back and relax a little more. I tried to read a little more, but went back to the computer games. I chatted with a few of the patients who came in for lab work. A lot of interesting people come in and out of a lab in a three hour time span. While I was there, I had to answer "the question" twice. I was proud of myself for not crying - although that would have been perfectly acceptable. I found that it was easier to answer because it was a stranger asking me if this was my 1st child. What did I have to lose? I'd never see them again. So, both times it was asked, I said, "No, this our second." Of course, that was followed by, "How old is your first?" Me - "Well, he would have been 13 months, but he passed away." One lady was so sweet and so compassionate; she wanted to talk to me more about it, but the lab technicians rushed her around. Before she left, she made sure she spoke to me and gave me a sweet smile. I so appreciated that. And I felt so proud to tell yet another person about Ayden, even if it was for a short moment.

So, you're probably getting the idea by now. I was dreading the 3rd and 4th draws of blood and would have even whimpered outloud, but I talked myself out of such a childish response. :P Although, I might have let out a few as I was sitting in the waiting room anticipating yet another needle prick. Finally, though, it was all over. I had to wait until the next morning for my results. Luckily, I got them first thing in the morning and found out that all of my results were normal! And as I told my midwife - "Yay! No 12 pound baby!!!" haha.....then she quickly reminded me that it was still possible even without gestational diabetes. Scary thought.... I don't see that happening, though.

I know I need to post another picture soon. I promise I will. I feel like I look all of the 28 weeks pregnant that I am, but many of my friends and family feel the need to pop their eyes open wide when they see my belly. I really don't think I'm that big. I am bigger than I was with Ayden at this point, but I'm not huge by any means, and I most certainly do not look like I'm about to pop any second (yeah, someone said that....a man....go figure). I'll let you guys be the judge.

Collen is a very active baby! I'm learning so much about him now that I'm finally feeling him jump, flip, turn, kick, punch, etc. more and more. He is a lively baby, and there are rarely moments during the day when I don't feel him moving. He takes an afternoon nap and rests for a few hours, and after supper he does the same thing. Other than those times, he's pretty active.....even at night.....throughout the night.....yes, I know what this probably means, and I'm quite alright with it. :)



  1. haha. glad the results went well. looks like your going to have fun with a very active little man. praying for you 4!

  2. Yay for good news on test results and way to stay strong and tell strangers about Ayden. Thinking and praying for you.