Prayer Request

Please pray for two of my former students - Preston and Shamira Walker. Their 2 year-old, Ja'Niyah passed away today. I don't know much in the way of details, but I was told that she fell down the stairs. An accident that could happen to anyone....and it took her life. Preston and Shamira also have an infant son. I know they are unbelievably devasted and heartbroken. Please lift them up in prayer.

After we lost Ayden, it became so real to me that if this could happen to us, it could happen to anyone. Then, I thought about students ("my kids"), and I realized that out of all of the students I've taught in my five shorts years as a teacher, this WOULD happen to one, or some, of them. That crushed me even more because I thought, "I'm an adult. I'm supposed to be able to handle this. Please....not one of my students. Please don't let any of them have to know this pain." I'm so heartbroken over this....that one of my students now knows the loss, pain, and hopelessness that I know all too well.

I met Ja'Niyah and interacted with her a few times. I remember meeting her when she was first born - such a beautiful baby. Then, at last year's graduation, I saw her again. I couldn't believe how big she was and that she was walking! She walked right over to me, stood next to me and let me hug her. Shamira told me that she thought I reminded her of someone she knew. I didn't mind....I loved that she felt that comfortable with me. Such a sweetheart.

Please remember this young family in your prayers.



  1. Praying for them Lindsay! This breaks my heart, knowing all to well the pain they are suffering. God Bless them and keep them strong during this difficult time!

  2. I will definitely lift them up.

  3. Prayers for the family. Lots of prayers.

  4. Bless their hearts...praying for them....

  5. Oh how sad! I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.