Kick Counts and Nesting

So, I'm supposed to be doing these kick be sure Collen is active enough.

The recommendation is to choose two times a day, times when he is at his most active, and monitor his movements for up to 2 hours. Ideally, I should be able to count 10 movements/kicks in 2 hours.

With Collen, I count 10 in 2 minutes.

Do you see now why I freak out when he DOESN'T move?

This is one active baby, and I hope and pray he stays that way! It's so comforting....


Nesting is beginning to set in. I had the overwhelming compulsion to scrub something today. It didn't matter what it was....I just needed to scrub.

I remember this feeling well. I knew I was experiencing a nesting moment while pregnant with Ayden when I would all of a sudden get a huge burst of energy and become an insane cleaning machine just 5 minutes after stating how ridiculously tired I was. The nesting energy bursts are emerging. Poor Jeremy.... He learned last time that these bursts of energy are also accompanied by crazy mood swings that often result in tears....for no reason at all. I can tell that he picked up on some things last time because now when he sees me in a cleaning frenzy, he usually stops what he's doing....or not doing....and asks what he can do to help or tells me to stop doing something because I don't need to be doing it to begin with. He knows that if he doesn't ask, I'm going to be wondering why he isn't asking if I need help.....and if he doesn't help me quickly enough, I'm going to do it anyway....without him....because he didn't do it when I needed it done. Yes, I do expect him to read my mind right now. Like I said, poor Jeremy. I don't know why I get this way. I just do. Don't judge....

Today, I HAD TO wipe down every surface in the kitchen. It HAD to be done, and I couldn't do it with just any old cleaning product. Oh no. It HAD to be PineSol. I NEEDED lemony freshness in my kitchen. So, at this moment, every surface in the kitchen has been wiped down and is exuding a lovely lemon scent. Aaaahhhhh......

That was a small nesting moment. The baseboards are screaming to be scrubbed, but I ignored them today. It took a lot of restraint, but other things had to come first. I have bigs plans for the baseboards, though. We have a cleaning date coming up soon..... After that, the carpets MUST be cleaned...along with windows...and who knows what else.

The whole month of July is going to be taken up by the writing project I'm taking part in at ECU. Therefore, my need to nest along with a very tight schedule is going to lead to near hyperventalation on my part when I feel the urge to clean and just don't have time. Then, once August rolls around, I'll have, at most, 4 weeks to get the house as clean as possible!

Don't mess with a pregnant lady with a cleaning mission.....



  1. Oh...this makes me smile so much!! Matthew was THE SAME WAY with kick counts! I bought the counter, of course, thinking I HAD to have it, and that boy just made it null and void--he moved ALL DAY, EVERY DAY and blew those kick counts out of the water!!!!

    I had a nesting spell today too!! The pantry ABSOLUTELY needed to be redone---so now all the things are categorically organized, all by shapes and sizes, with all fronts facing forward....

    I smile just thinking of you and those baseboards!!!

  2. just so you know, he WILL become less active towards the end of the pregnancy! i'm not sure if it's actually being less active or if it's harder to feel, but whatever the case, it is NORMAL because there simply isn't enough room near the point of delivery for the gymnastics in your belly. ;-)

    so of course keep track & immediately contact your doctor if you have any reason to be concerned... i'm just trying to reassure you that if you start noticing it isn't as much as it was before, it's probably just the typical thing that most mothers experience. us women are blessed that God designed us some amazing bodies, but even our super-stretchy uterus has its limits! :-P

    - michelle

  3. oh yes, the nesting spurts. This is funny to me, only because it's so true! I remember with both of mine, I had the uncontrollable urge to clean the light fixtures. Inside, didn't matter. They HAD to be cleaned. Best of luck to you.

  4. Ah, nesting. I do believe after 5 children, I am stuck in nesting mode or maybe after 5 kids it is necessary to clean 24/7... yes, I think that's it!

    I really loved when the nesting period arrived. I was so exhausted so the energy was welcomed. You are getting so close, Lindsay! I am so excited to meet Collen.

  5. Hey!!! Youcan come be prego-nesting-clean freakat myhouse...we need one of you!!!