A pregnancy picture just for you!

Okay, so this picture is about a week old, but it pretty much captures where I am as far as size these days. I feel like I look a lot bigger than I really am, but I certainly FEEL big. It is definitely the third trimester because it seems like overnight I went from being able to stay up until midnight to barely making it to 8pm.

Here is a picture of me and two of my wonderful students.

And just to compare....this is me at 27 weeks with Ayden:

Yeah, I see the difference now.....

I'll be 29 weeks this Saturday. So hard to believe how quickly the weeks are passing! I'm hoping the summer passes just as quickly. So ready to have Collen safely in my arms.

And while I'm adding pictures, I came across this one of Ayden and couldn't resist sharing it. Have I mentioned lately how happy and content he always was? Well, in case you have forgotten....Ayden could almost always be found with a big smile on his face, like this one:

Oh, how I love and miss that sweet little face and the joy it brought to our lives. How could life be any happier than one with a little boy like this one in it? I often mention how Ayden taught us so much about joy and happiness - it's obvious why.



  1. You look fabulous!

    Ayden has a wonderful smile, just like his momma.

  2. You look like you are carrying high this time around so it is hard to tell if you are "bigger". Either way, look great!!!!

    What a fantastic pic of Ayden! I hope Collen shares some of that handsome smile.

  3. Lindsay, you really do look beautiful! I can tell you're a little bigger too ;) Of course I'll NEVER forget that precious smile of Ayden's. It is FOREVER ingrained in my head. I just have caught up w/ your last 4 posts... but not a day goes by that I'm not thinking and praying about you, Jeremy, Ayden, and Collen. I can tell in your most recent blog posts that you are happier and more upbeat :) I am so glad (even though I know you can't possibly feel like that everyday). And I'm glad the glucose test came back normal!

  4. he really is the most smiley baby. If I felt as loved as him I might have a big fat smile on my face all the time, too.

  5. Every picture of him with that precious little smile breaks my heart just a little bit more in knowing it's not on this earth any more. It breaks my heart for you...

    You look great. Especially for how far you are! Heck...I looked like that at about 15 weeks...close to it!!! The doctor's office today could not BELIEVE how little I was (am) because they were so used to seeing me swollen like a tick and almost twice my normal body weight!!!!

    Love to you!

  6. Great belly shots. I am truly so happy for your blessing to come.
    Ayden's picture is adorable and how sad that he is gone. I can't wait for a little bit of happiness to join your life. My heart does ache for you. ((HUGS))

  7. ayden has such a joyful smile!

    you are one beautiful mamma :D

  8. you look great! I like your hair.Hope it's not too hot in your part of the country! It's nice and toasty down in Texas. Ayden certainly is a cutie, I love his little ball cap!

    and thanks for sharing your life/story with us (even those of us who have never met you!)

  9. You look wonderful. And Ayden's smile is awesome, literally!

  10. You look so cute, and that is an adorable picture of Ayden!

  11. Been following your blog for a little while and just wanted to let you know. Thank you for sharing so much of your family and your story with the world...I'll never forget Ayden, thanks to his mom. What a sweet picture; he is *beautiful*. I am SO sorry that you can't be together for now, but I'm so happy for the joy and healing Collen is bringing to you. I will continue to pray for you, your husband, and your boys (and read your blog!).

  12. You look great!! and that student on the left is my favorite :)