There is a reason this is so late....

Ok....not really...I just haven't been very good at taking pictures off of my camera lately. I forget that I have it sometimes. However, this event was camera-worthy AND blog-worthy; it's just taken me THIS long to actually get to it.

If you're a fan of the tv show, LOST, you'll appreciate these.

The final season of LOST was greatly anticipated in the Jones household. We had HIGH expectations for all of the twists, turns, and mysteries that the final season would hold. In those respects, it didn't disappoint. So, every Tuesday night, we all gathered together at our neighbor's/friend's/former campus minister's house to watch every single new episode. We would all discuss our predictions and then share in the shocking moments during commerical breaks. We shared many gasps of excitement, looks of complete confusion, and moments of satisfaction when we had actually predicted something correctly! Every episode was leading up to the final, most anticipated finale. We knew we had to do something big. What better way than to celebrate with a LOST-themed party??

We had Dharma Initiative food and drinks, Mr. Cluck's chicken, an Oceanic Airplane cake, and Oceanic Boarding Passes. Do ya think we were a little excited?? Yeah....just a little. Our little gathering began at 7 so we could watch all of the pre-finale stuff. Once the finale began, everyone became so quiet....intent on taking it all in....relishing in the one episode that was going to bring it all together.

At this point, I must ask, did you watch the final episode? If so....I'd love to know what you thought. Because here is how it all ended for us.....

A whole bunch of confused faces and many of us saying, "What?!?! Really?? That's it????"

I left that night very disappointed. It wasn't at all the ending I expected or hoped for. It was actually too was what we had all been predicting from the a way. They left it way to open-ended for a finale. I know they can't answer every question, but really...don't leave us with even MORE questions!!

Nevertheless, I still love the show. And, after watching the finale a few more times, I am even beginning to like the concept they chose to go with. And hey, all I really wanted was for Kate and Jack to end up together anyway, and I got my way on that one, so all is well in the land of LOST. I'm sad that it's over, though. What will ever top LOST? are the pictures of our LOST party. Even if the finale was a tad disappointing, the company and food certainly weren't. :)



  1. As an avid LOST fan as well, I totally agree. I felt very disappointed with the end and was left with just as many questions.

    I LOVE your party favors and food! They look so real. :)

  2. What a great party! I watched the ending several times because I was still lost. I believe the ending is all of them in their form of Heaven.

  3. Love the party stuff. :) I felt the same about the finale. In fact, I was downright angry about it for about a week! (Yeah, I have these loss-of-perspective days!) But I was so frustrated that they'd give us all these things to watch ever-so-closely and try to figure out for 5 years, and then not give us the answers! My friends and I had a very long list of mysteries that were never to be explained. Ugh, it frustrates me anew, talking about it again! LOL

  4. Oh MY GOODNESS! You just advance to the #1 spot on my "COOLEST PERSON EVER!" list. Seriously a LOST party? How awesome is that. Your food was pretty cool! :O)

    I was totally with you--when I saw the ending. I was like, "really, that's it". But once my husband and I talked about it...I came to terms about it. I just wanted everything tied up in happy lil' boxes w/nice shiny bows. But their bittersweet ending works for me.

    I just want a spin-off show w/ Hurley and Ben. that would be awesome!