I just don't understand

We were at church this morning, and a friend pulled Jeremy aside to tell him about his neighbors. They had reached 40 weeks of pregnancy, everything had been healthy, went in to deliver....no heart beat.

I just don't understand.

We went home...did the usual Sunday afternoon things...then I checked facebook to find out that I know the couple who lost the baby. I worked with the dad/husband for a few years at Ayden-Grifton. I was struck....just couldn't believe it! I had just seen Kevin at Target a few weeks ago. I had no idea that they were expecting until he mentioned it. He said they had 3 weeks left. I was so happy for them! How exciting. Since seeing him at Target, I had been checking in on facebook....waiting for the news. I never expected this news.

Please lift this family up in prayer. Their names are Kevin and Danielle, and their beautiful little boy's name is Kaden Adler. For reasons beyond all comprehension and understanding, Kaden was not meant to live life on this earth. While we have hope and comfort in knowing that our little ones, while not with us, are safe in the arms of God, the loss that we feel as parents is one that is heart wrenching and just so very painful. I wish I knew the answer to "Why?" I wish losing children was something none of us had any experience with because it's just so cruel and unfair. However, God has a purpose and plan much bigger than we could ever understand. And while that doesn't comfort me sometimes, I can accept it...and trust that because He is our creator and the one who is in control, He continues to work for the good....even when it doesn't seem so good.

Please keep this family in prayer. The next few days and weeks will be especially hard as they have to make arrangements and decisions that no parent wants to make. They will have to face an empty home....an empty baby's room....and the reality that this baby they were preparing for will not be coming home with them. It just isn't right....



  1. As a Christian, this is something I just do not understand at all. I know God has a purpose for everything that happens, but when children are taken from their parents like this I just do not get it.

    I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers!

    And I am thinking/praying for you. I love reading your blog so much. I wish we lived closer (we are down towards Sanford/Fayetteville!

  2. Oh that is heartbreaking :( I will absolutley keep them in my prayers!

  3. prayers.... this is how i found out too. went in to deliver and there was no heartbeat. devastating beyond words.

    i'm so sorry.

    praying for your sweet little one on the way everyday.

  4. I will be sure to pray for this family...I cannot even begin to understand their heartache, but HE does...

  5. this is the exact same thing that my husband and i experienced eight months ago. i was 40 weeks 4 days, went in for an induction and came out with empty arms. keeping your friends in my prayers...

  6. I will lift them up for sure. That is just devestating & heartbreaking...


  7. I will pray...for some reason,I think that name might just stick with me.... :)

  8. I will be keeping them in my prayers for sure.

  9. Know feelings like this all too well...the shock of how it all changes with no reason or understanding really cuts like the sharpest knife.

    They are certainly, certainly in my thoughts and prayers as I know these days will be more difficult than they could imagine.

    Heartbreaking...and praying for peace for their hearts.

  10. Wow, I don't understand why these things happen. It doesn't make any sense to us here on earth and its so out of our control. Like you said we have to trust that God is control and has a plan. I will be praying for this family.