2:15 am

It's 2:15 am on Friday morning.

I have been up since about 7am on Thursday morning.


Moving day....

And in true moving day fashion, nothing about the day went as planned.

PODS delivery was about 4 hours late. Some of the people we really needed with us to help had to leave before it got there, which left mine and Jeremy's parents. We had to recruit some people at the last minute, and thank God we did....

PODS unit was too small.

Had to rush to find more storage before everyone closed for the day.

Had to rent a U-Haul to transport the stuff that didn't fit in the PODS unit.

Took 2 trips to get the rest of the stuff into storage.

Oh...did I mention is poured down rain for much of the afternoon into the night? Yeah...it did.

My dad's van broke down, which eliminated a great deal of transportation for stuff that needed to go with us.

I couldn't do a whole lot of anything, but dog-gone-it if I didn't....

Jeremy was at football practice for much of the day and night...

Had delay after delay occur....

So, it is now 2:20am, and I am finally in bed trying to wind down enough to fall asleep so we can get up at 7 to go BACK to Greenville to sign over the house to the new owners.

I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating, exhausting, annoying, and stressful today was. I can tell you that I am so glad it's over with, and I hope we get a break from moving again for at least a week or two....or three....

I just need a break.



  1. Oh Lindsay ... house moving is a huge upheaval without all the issues you had too. I hope you get the time to relax before Baby Collen arrives and before you move again. Thinking of you all from across the pond!
    Big hugs, Grandma xx

  2. That's the devil trying to stomp on your joy. Hugs sweet lady.

  3. Wow, what a nightmare. I hope today is a better day and things settle down so you can rest and bake that little boy. My husband and I are moving here in the next few months and I can just see things going just as bad yet I won't be pregnant while trying to move. You are a brave woman.

  4. ugh! i hope rest comes soon:)