A few updates

Things have been insanely busy around here. It seems like every day we go and go and go....and really, it doesn't seem like much gets accomplished. Sigh....

Selling and buying a house isn't an easy process, and we knew that, so we've been trying to be patient and stay in prayer over all of it. That's all we can do.

We put an offer in on our first choice. This house:

We knew that we would have to offer well below the asking price, but we also knew the seller was ready for the house to sell. So, we put in the offer, and it wasn't accepted. The seller wasn't able to accept much under his asking price. So, that house is a no.

In the meantime, we stumbled upon another house that fit our needs....and price. It's still on the higher end of our budget, but it is in a great location, in a neighborhood, has room for growth, is new, and within our means. Here is a picture of that house:

Cute right? We think so. We've put an offer in, and we're pretty certain the seller will counter. But hey, it's better to start a little lower and work your way up right? Just in case....

And if that one doesn't work out. There always this house....

I still love this house, so if the other falls through, I'll be happy here, too. It's not far from the above house, so while it may not be in a "neighborhood" or in town, it's still nearby. There are houses around it, so we would have neighbors. It's a cozy house, and I feel at home when I'm there. It's just a little farther out, which is a longer drive for Jeremy....and for us when driving to church and such. But, it would still work. It's also cheaper ;)

That's where everything stands housewise. We're trusting that God will lead us to where we need to be.

My other update is on Tucker's bark collar. It's working okay. It doesn't go off everytime he barks, so he still gets away with it at times. However, once that collar buzzes....he scurries off. He doesn't like it at all. He's slowly learning that a bark means a correcting vibration, so he's definitely more cautious. We'll see....

Please continue to pray with us on the house decision. We feel like we've selected the houses that are best for us and our future. They are all homes that we can grow with, and we feel happy with either one we end up in. Just have to wait and see....



  1. Sorry about house number 1, but 2 and 3 are cute!

    Feels like a version of House Hunters!!!!! That's what you need!

  2. Thinking of you! Hoping that the transition to a new home with go smoothly....as smooth as a move can go with one expecting in the near future! BTW...I love the second house. In So Cal, we don't have many cute houses on huge lots..we live on top of each other or as close as two houses can be. Anyways, I'm continuing to pray for you.


  3. The homes are all very nice. Keeping the perfect home in my prayers.